Some notes about the musical genre Kizomba

Kizomba music was born in Angola (Luanda) in the 80s from the influences of traditional music Semba (the predecessor of Samba in Brazil) and the Zouk music of the Kassav group from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. On this basis, Kizomba music emerged as a modern music genre with a sensual touch mixed with African rhythms. Unlike Semba, Kizomba is characterized by its slower rhythm and usually very romantic.

Portuguese is the main language spoken in Angola and therefore most songs are sung in this language, although kimbundo and other Angolan national languages are also used. Some of Angola’s most famous singers are: Bonga, André Mingas, Liceu Vieira Dias, Neide Van-Dúnem, Don Kikas, Calo Pascoal, Pesado C, Puto Portugues, Maya Cool, Matias Damasio, Rei Helder, and Irmãos Verdades.

Cape Verdean singers have gained a great popularity thanks to great artists such as Suzanna Lubrano, Johnny Ramos and Nelson Freitas. The typical musical styles of Cape Verde are: Funana, Morna, Coladeira and Batuque.

Cape Verdean musicians have developed their own version of Zouk music (mixed with coladeira), known as Cola-Dance, Cabo-Love, Cola-Zouk, Cabo -Swing and Ghetto Zouk.

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