How to dance on hard floors

Too slippery surfaces make us feel fearful when it comes to taking any step that tests our balance. However, for twists and turns, these surfaces don’t usually present too many problems. The very sticky floors prevent us from making rapid movements and can cause pain in our knees.

bailar en suelos difíciles

These tips can help us dance on difficult floors:

Sticky floors

Do not force twists and turns. We could damage our knees.

Slippery floors

Put a few drops of castor oil on the soles of the shoes. It usually works, although we must be careful not to exceed the quantities.
Brush shoes well.

como bailar en suelos dificiles

Hard floors

Hard floors add extra pressure on the legs and feet.

Do stretching exercises.
Be careful with posture and stretch your back, as it often shows signs of fatigue when dancing on hard floors.

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