Dancing as a couples therapy

Routine is one of the worst enemies of a couple, because it destroyes it and submerges it in boredom, distance and suspicion.

With simple changes in our daily life, which do not require a great deal of time or money, it can be brought down; and a very clear example is dancing.

Dancing has many physical, psychological and social advantages.

At couple level it is the perfect tool to achieve rapprochement, collaboration, complicity, seduction.

At the rhythm of the music the couple immerse themselves in a moment exclusively for both of them where there is surrender, agreement, synchronization; exactly the same elements that should be in a relationship.

The couples’ therapists, aware of what dance can bring them, have included dance sessions within their therapies to promote rapprochement and communication where all the senses intervene. The specialists in the form of choreographers invite the couple to reconquer themselves through the music movement, recover their loved one, strengthen their union.

What kind of dance to choose

Dancing as a couples therapy

Each type of music when dancing exercises different types of muscles, however the purpose is the same: to awaken joy, the desire to live and love.

The couple can choose the style they like the most: Salsa, cumbia, merengue, cha cha cha, tango or kizomba; each style is different but all will need interest, a certain agility, discipline, availability and effort to successfully execute their pieces.

Tango, for example, is the perfection of dance in pairs, the perfect combination of coordination and aesthetics.

The beauty of this dance is related to the complicity of the couple that dances it, with the intimacy that gives it sensuality and passion, without which it would not be tango.

Tango dance

To dance it requires understanding, ceding to agree on the choreography that best suits both of you, agreeing on the piece you will dance, the steps that will include. Once all these elements are in order, the couple will be able to perform any tango, no matter if it is suburban or saloon tango.
Another option is the danzón, musical genre that catches you, says the couples who dance it continuously; it is a dance that awakens your sensuality to offer it to the other.

The danzón allows you to forget everything and concentrate only on your hands, the embrace and the gaze towards your partner, provoking a lighting of love and passion for her.

Dancing as a couples therapy

Whether it is one genre or another, as you can see, dancing not only brings benefits to the body and mind. Tune in with your partner, invite her to dance and let the rhythm between the two last forever.

Slowness and sensuality

According to the intimacy of the couple, kizomba becomes a dance that is danced glued/grip closed, slow and sensual, which requires a great driving ability. A lot of complicity between the two is necessary for more open dance steps with fast foot movement.

There are several styles of this dance, however the best known and danced are Passada (classical style) and Tarraxinha.

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