What are the benefits of dancing Kizomba?

These are some of the advantages of dancing kizomba:

It is a stress destroyer.

While other dances are physically more demanding and help tone the muscles, kizomba tones the senses, and can eliminate much of the accumulated tension. “After working hard all day, most of us want to reduce our stress levels, relax and enjoy music and dance.

Beneficios de la kizomba

Kizomba helps release endorphins

Endorphins have essential functions for our health, including improving our mood and boosting the activity of the immune system

It serves as couples therapy

Physical contact is fundamental in this dance, and it could be very useful as a therapy for couples, since it requires either taking the couple along or letting them get carried away.

Helps strengthen the knees

Since it is not physically demanding dance, it is useful for people who cannot strain their muscles and ligaments too much, the kizomba allows them to relax and enjoy themselves. In fact, many of the people who practice this dance are between 50 and 60 years old.

Less chance of injury

Some dances, if not performed correctly, can lead to injury. In the kizomba, the probability of damage is lower, as it is a slow rhythm dance.

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