Differences between Kizomba and Zouk

kizomba y zouk

There is a lot of confusion between Kizomba and Zouk. Some people think that it is the same music known by different names, but there are also those who think that there are real differences between the two.

To add further confusion, the names Kizomba and Zouk are sometimes used interchangeably to describe the same song. Both musical genres have very different origins. However, modern versions of these styles, especially in Europe and North America, tend to sound very similar. So what’s the difference?


The Zouk is largely based on the Calypso and other regional rhythms. Zouk music arrived in Paris in the late 1970s from a group called Kassav and became very popular in most French-speaking countries.

Over time, this musical genre has been influenced by other styles such as Haitian Compas and R&B.

kizomba y zouk

On the other hand, Kizomba has its origins in Angola and is originally based on Angolan Semba and Kilapanda music. It is mainly sung in Portuguese although some songs are written in kimbundo.

Kizomba music appeared in the early 80’s, at that time it sounded different from the current one. Over time, it has evolved and seems to have been influenced by Zouk music. Some people argue that due to the international popularity of both styles, Zouk and Kizomba have influenced each other. Regardless of this crossover influence, the result is the existence of two musical styles with very different origins that have evolved in a similar way.

I suspect confusion between the two genders will continue for some time

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