How to choose dance shoes?

The style of dance shoe we acquire depends to a large extent on the style of dance we practice.

For men, suede or leather with a low heel, are usually the most recommended for dancing Salsa or Swing


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For women, open flip-flop sandals are ideal for Latin dances, as they allow greater movement of the toes, which helps maintain balance.

Choice of shoe straps

Traditional ankle strap

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It is the most commonly used. Provides great foot mobility and greater safety

T-shaped strap

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Connects to the base of the shoe to secure the foot more evenly while adding some pressure and tension

X-shaped strap (around the ankle)

This strap style is firmly anchored in the shoe, providing twice the coverage of the traditional strap.

X-shaped strap (around the arch)

Usually used by beginner dancers, this style of strap anchors the foot to the arch of the shoe, providing good support and stability.

Double X Strap

This shoe combines features of the above, the double X strap offers four anchors that hold the foot as if we were wearing laces.

Heel height

The most commonly used heel heels are between 5 and 7 cm. The higher ones give more shape to the leg.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with a height of about 6 cm. The higher the heel, the more weight we push forward instead of keeping it uniform throughout the foot.

Heel thickness

Cuban Heel

Cuban heels are the lowest and thickest, distributing weight over a larger area of the foot, providing greater balance and comfort.

Needle heel

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The most common tendency in Salsa is the thin needle heel, which has a small contact point with the ground, making the weight is displaced forward, and therefore more difficult to maintain balance.

Bengal Heel

The Bengal heel is also commonly used. The heel is thinner in the center and widens slightly at the bottom, providing a little more stability than the needle heel.

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