Differences between Kizomba and Latin dances

Kizomba developed in Angola during the 1980s under the influence of other rhythms from Latin America.

The historical roots of the Kizomba are attributed to a combination of Portuguese folk dances together with Angolan Semba.

danza kizomba

This dance is based on a wide variety of styles and invites individual expression. In recent years, variations have emerged in Miami, New York and Los Angeles. Kizomba is largely inspired by Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Lambada.

However, it is slower than these styles and does not require the speed or energetic foot movement associated with Salsa. In Kizomba, sensuality prevails.

diferencias entre kizomba y bailes latinos

Because of their unusual intimacy and freedom of improvisation, some people believe that this is an ephemeral fashion.

However, the history of dance is marked by some surprising events. Three decades ago, many people thought of Salsa as a “passing trend. Of course, the opposite happened. Nowadays, Salsa is one of the most recognized and popular dances in the world.

So, with Kizomba something similar could happen, in any case, only time can clarify it.

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