What are the differences between Kizomba and Tarranxinha?

The Tarraxinha is based on the original movements of the Kizomba. The difference is that the movements of the Tarraxinha are more fluid while those of the Kizomba are based on walking in a similar way to the Argentine Tango and that is the reason why the Kizomba is also known as the “Angolan Tango”.

In both Kizomba and Tarraxinha, music and dance are a little different. Recently, professional DJs have been experimenting with Zouk music. Because of this, people have started to name this type of music “Zouk Bass”.

The Tarraxinha is danced slower and coinciding with the rhythm, unlike the Kizomba, where each beat 1-8 is translated as a step. The typical movement of the Tarraxinha is accentuated in the second half. This is due to the almost complete isolation of hip movement from other parts of the body, which remains static throughout the dance. The Tarraxinha is slower, more intimate, it advances little with the feet.

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