Interview with Mari Carmen Alcázar – Dancer, teacher and champion of Kizomba Spain

kizombaMari Carmen Alcázar is a dancer and teacher of Kizomba and Semba. She has been champion of Spain in Kizomba together with Moustapha Thyane, also a dancer and teacher.

Talk a little bit about yourself and your career

Dancing makes me relax, it gives me life, it takes me to another world, I could never stop dancing. I like Latin dances, flamenco and I love kizomba and African rhythms. I currently teach this rhythm that has made me fall in love.

When did you start dancing?

Since I was very young and at the age of 5 years old, I join the flamenco dance. I loved it! I was dancing until I was 19 years old when I went to college and I had to leave it, I went to the aerobics that I also liked very much and from there I discovered salsa, bachata, cha cha cha chá and Latin dances in general, I have been dancing these rhythms for 11 years. And now my new love, kizomba, Semba and African rhythms. I’ve been dancing for 3 years, and I’m in love with this rhythm that attracts everyone who tries it.

Why would you recommend dancing?

I would recommend it 100% because it helps you to relate, to be you, to laugh, it gives you joy and makes you forget for a moment any problem you have.

Why Kizomba?

Well, it was by chance, I saw an advertisement for a congress in Madrid on the internet, and I needed a change of scenery, I love salsa but after 9 years of dancing it was like… another rhythm, wasn’t it? I went to Madrid with a friend, not knowing the music, the basic step or that it was the kizomba. After that weekend I fell in love! And look at me! Teaching and everything!

What are your future goals?

Winning the Kizomba Open Festival International Competition

Which stage or event would you like to dance on?

Africa dançar

Do you have any idols?

Afrolatin connection, (Portuguese) Paula and Ricardo, exceptional dancers.

Is the Kizomba which is danced in Angola very different from the one that is danced in Europe or the USA?

The Angolan kizomba is more of the root of the people who dance it, the feeling that they put because we can’t forget that it is “their dance”, but there are several styles in Europe, for example in Paris you dance the Paris Style and it is also very beautiful, different of course, with more technique and less feeling.

Do you think that a person suffering from visual or hearing difficulties can dance this dance well?

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the girl dances with her eyes closed and feeling the body of the man, so you don’t need the eyes or hear them, just feel!

Do you think the Kizomba is suitable for older people, would you recommend this dance to children?

It’s suitable for the elderly and they’ll love it. For children I don’t see it so much for now, I think you have to have a certain maturity to understand it but I don’t rule it out, I’m sure they would do it phenomenally

What do you think about Kizombachata or Lambazouk?

Honestly, I respect that, but I don’t like it. What I do say is that if you dance it with enthusiasm and passion, everything will be great! Mergers aren’t all good, but they’re not all bad. So freedom of expression at the dance. or world, I could never stop dancing. I like Latin dances, flamenco and I love kizomba and African rhythms. I currently teach this rhythm that has made me fall in love.

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