Great artists: El Rubio Loco

GianCarlo Pioli, is the artist known as “El Rubio Loco”.

He began his career in the nineties.
Some of his most important hits are “Bachata de amor”,”Gózalo”,”Salsatón” and many more. He has been named as the father of the Italian Latin style by the specialized press, and he has also been Latin artist of the year 2003 in Italy.

El Rubio Loco

In November 2004, she participated in the World Salsa Congress in New York and New Jersey, USA. In June 2005, his second album “Libre” topped the European charts

In 2009 he released his third album “Voglio Scoprir l’ America”. He founded a record label and produced his CD “Agua Fresca” in its entirety.

Music Kizomba

Her album Smooth Operator / Vivo Por Ella contains remixes by Kizomba.

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