Kuduro Dance

Kuduro is a genre of music and dance that originated in Angola during the 1990s. Its music is characterized by being very energetic.


Kuduro is a word from the Kimbundo language that could be translated as “hard background”. Some people consider it as Angolan House or Techno. However, this is not really the case, as it is a mixture of rhythms that combines traditional Angolan carnival music with Kabetula, Kasukuta, Semba, Rebita and Kilapanga.

Kuduro is danced individually or in groups.

There are also other steps invented by young Angolans.

Congolese dances have also influenced this dance. Kuduro’s movements are usually fast and fun.


Women focus their attention on moving the hips and lower part of the body in a very special and vigorous way that can only be done with a lot of practice.

Men concentrate their movements on the legs and accompany them with their arms and head.

When Kuduro music is played during events or parties, Angolans enjoy playing their favorite steps or simply dance what we call “Dança da familia”.

Today, Kuduro is not only danced in Angola, but also in Europe, America and Asia. This music is increasing popularity, as is the Kizomba.

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