Warsaw Kizomba Festival

9th Warsaw Kizomba Festival


9th Warsaw Kizomba Festival in progress!

★★★ Register now via #iwencik!
http://www.iwencik.pl/registrations/wkf9/en [English]
http://www.iwencik.pl/registrations/wkf9/pl [Polish]

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 9 years since we hosted our very first pure kizomba festival in Poland! One of the very first in the world actually. Promoting kizomba, it’s genuine flavour, and offering you some quality time with your kiz-family has always been our priority. 🙂

On April 20-22nd 2018 we would like to welcome you once again for another very special event!

The venue continues the same as on previous years: Novotel Warszawa Airport ,
here is the link you can use to get your room during the Festival:

🌟 Here’s what you can expect:

* Over 35 hours of workshops from improver to advanced level to chose from!

* 4 night parties (Thursday-Sunday), and 2 afternoon Socials to dance till you drop! 2 dancefloors, and amazing DJs, who will make you dance your feet off!

* Master classes, for the most demanding ones! And a special Ladies’ technique bootcamp!

* Quality Teachers – as always our top concern- the ones that know how to have fun on the dancefloor, but also know how to share their knowledge with you in class! Most of them have been with us on previous years, and we cannot imagine this event without them – the AfroLatin Connection, Fantastic 4, Joao& Giedre, and your last year’s ladies’ pick – Lúcia Nogueira!
We are also soooooo happy to have ★Vanessa Ginga Pura joining us again after her “mummy” break! Yay!!!
Some new faces will be present, too, Mr. Stephane Lyke is in the house!
Check out the full line-up below!

* A ★new★ feature will be available for all those who’ve always hesitated between getting Full or Party Pass – please meet “Party Pass Plus” , which allows you to enter 3 chosen workshops from the general schedule.

★★★General programme★★★:

Thursday (April 19th)
22:00: Pre-Party

Friday (April 20th)
22:00 Opening Party

Saturday (April 21st)
12:00-19:00 Workshops
13:00 – 18:00 Social Dancing
22:00 Gala Party

Sunday (April 22nd)
12:00-19:00 Workshops
13:00 – 18:00 Social Dancing
22:00 Closing Party

Registration is open now! Make sure to book your pass with the best rates!

🌟 Prices:
Early Bird – until December 15th!

Full Pass – 340 PLN (85 EUR)
Couple Full Pass – 640 PLN (160 EUR)

From Dec 15th – Jan 31st

Full Pass – 370 PLN (93 EUR)
Couple Full Pass – 680 PLN (170 EUR)
Party Pass – 150 PLN (38 EUR)
Party Pass + – 230 PLN (58 EUR)
Afro Pass – 260 PLN (65 EUR)

From Feb 1st – March 15th

Full Pass – 400 PLN (100 EUR)
Couple Full Pass – 720 PLN (180 EUR)
Party Pass – 170 PLN (43 EUR)
Party Pass + – 250 PLN (63 EUR)
Afro Pass – 290 PLN (73 EUR)

From March 16th – April 15th

Full Pass – 430 PLN (108 EUR)
Couple Full Pass – 760 PLN (190 EUR)
Party Pass – 190 PLN (48 EUR)
Party Pass + – 270 PLN (68 EUR)
Afro Pass – 310 PLN (78 EUR)

At the door (if still available)

Full Pass – 440 PLN (110 EUR)
Couple Full Pass – 800 PLN (200 EUR)
Party Pass – 200 PLN (50 EUR)
Party Pass + – 280 PLN (70 EUR)
Afro Pass – 330 PLN (83 EUR)


🌟 Confirmed Line-up 🙂

TEACHERS (in alphabetic order) :

Afrolatin Connection:
Ricardo & Paula
Bruno & Catarina
Álvaro & Mirabella
Berthon & Aga
Jõao & Giedre
Lúcia Nogueira
Maciej & Ola
Manuela Marsal Cabitango
Miguel & Susana
Paulo & Lanna
Pyras & Poręba
Stephan Lyke
Vanessa Ginga Pura

DJS (in aphabetic order):
DJ Banderas
DJ Bieliq
DJ Biondi
DJ Pajras
DJ Rock
DJ Sabura
DJ Supaman

🌟 Some FAQs:

◈◈ What about hotel room reservation?
– You can book Novotel hotel rooms using this registration form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-hs5JniDWGAmBaJpc_AEs_rsYNptAR5j/view . You need to send it back to h0527-re@accor.com. The hotel opposite – Sound Garden – also offers promotional price when booking online with KIZOMBA promocode.

◈◈ What is included in each pass?
– ALL PASSES include 4 evening parties (Thu-Sun) and the 2 afternoon socials on Saturday and Sunday.
Party Pass: all parties and parties only.
Party Pass + : all parties and 3 chosen workshops from the main schedule
Afro Pass : all parties, and all solo workshops (afro-house, kuduro, tribal, ginga)
Full Pass: all parties, and all workshops from the main schedule (master classes or bootcamps are not included)
Couple Full Pass – same features as Full Pass, but with a better price for a dama&madje combo 🙂

◈◈ What kind of music can I expect during the parties?
– We will have 2 separate dancefloors for the evening parties. This year we’ve decided to put some more difference in the music played at each floor, however, we are not intending to divide the rooms strictly into kizomba vs. urban. It has always been a comprehensive kizomba event, and we wish to keep it that way.
So, in one room you can expect EVERYTHING that makes the “kizomba umbrella so beautiful – from kompa, kizomba, semba, to cabo-love, coladeira, ghettozouk and afro-house.
The other room will try to make the more progressive dancers happy and serve a little heavier beats, some ghettozouk, some tarraxinha, some more commercial songs. However, we do not intend to make it a “tarraxa only” dancefloor. A “dark room” idea is not our thing, really, and we hope you’ll understand that . 🙂

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