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Agora Kizomba is the first magazine about Afro and Latin rhythms focused on the Northern European countries.

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Learn To Dance Afro-Latin Rhythms in Denmark, Norway and Sweden 


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Kizomba – Online Absolute Beginner Classes

by Online Kizomba School

Kizomba Basic – Posture
Kizomba Basic 2

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Kizomba FAQs

What is Kizomba?

It is a musical genre and a dance that began to be composed between the late ’60s and early ’80s in Angola.
The word Kizomba comes from the Angolan dialect Kimbundu which means party.

What is New Kizomba Dance?

New kizomba is a social dance danced in couples in which the boy guides the girl through some basic steps and a great variety of combinations that the boy can modify by means of some guidelines.
There is a great variety of styles within the Kizomba, due to the great expansion and reception it has had in many countries of the world.

What is Kizomba Music?

This is a subject of great controversy. After I was researching and talking to various sources there is no official theory, but there is a lot of valuable content about the origin of Kizomba music.
It was a sound arising in the early ’80s, strongly influenced by the appearance of ZOUK, taken to Africa by the Antillian group KASSAV.
Several Angolan artists began to create songs derived in the Semba (traditional Angolan music danced in couples).
In the mid-’90s the word KIZOMBA began to be used in Portugal to designate all the African music danced in African discotheques and dance clubs.

How to dance Kizomba?

All the substyles of kizomba have in common that the boy embraces the back with his right arm to the girl and takes with his left hand the right hand of this one.
The girl hugs the boy over the arm and shoulder with her left arm, and totally confronted, the boy guides the girl controlling the way in which the girl distributes the weight of her body.
Almost all the dancing is guided by the boy with his right arm.
There are basic steps, such as Basic 2, Basic 3 and Walk. There are also basic figures that are indispensable for dancing kizomba.

What do Kizomba classes usually look like?

In most classes, you usually don’t need a partner, everyone dances with everyone through changes that the teacher says every so often.

What is the best clothing for dancing Kizomba?

The recommended clothes should be comfortable clothes but do not necessarily casual.
Special mention should be made of the girl’s footwear since as her dance level progresses, she will need a shoe that is more suitable for dancing. This is not necessary for the first classes of initiation, in which the majority of the girls opt for flat footwear and walk without supporting the heels.