Kizomba Luxembourg: Interview with Aimé Beurt

Kizomba Luxembourg: Interview with Aimé Beurt

Kizomba Luxembourg: Interview with Aimé Beurt

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country located in the heart of Europe, bordering on France, Belgium and Germany. Its 2586 square kilometers contain beautiful castles and dream landscapes that make it Europe’s best-kept secret.

It has three official languages: French, German and Luxembourgish.
German and French are used for administrative purposes and in official written communications, while Luxembourgish is used in everyday life. All three languages are taught in schools.

Unesco declared Luxembourg City (the capital of the country) a World Heritage Site because of its old quarters and castles which are an example of the evolution of military architecture over the years.

One of the most attractive aspects is that Luxembourg cities have a very nice signage system.

In Luxembourg there is a large network of signposting, in several languages, which accompanies each route, making it easier to visit each important tourist site.

In Luxembourg there are a total of 75 castles standing. Bourscheid Castle is the largest. It houses a museum that exhibits objects that have been found in excavations of the site. From its towers there is a beautiful view of the surrounding sites.

Kizomba Luxembourg


Excellent hosts

It is a deep-rooted custom in Luxembourg to give a box of chocolate or flowers to people inviting them to their homes.

Floral customs

In Luxembourg it is customary to give flowers in odd numbers, with the exception of 13, as this is considered bad luck.

The Bock

The most popular tourist attraction in Luxembourg is the Bock, a large stone structure that houses a network of underground tunnels stretching over 21 km.

The Grund

In the heart of the capital is the neighborhood known as “Grund”, which is a beautiful place to tour. It has houses that were carved in rock, a bridge that dates from the fifteenth century and numerous establishments called “pubs” to spend pleasant and fun times.

Where to dance Kizomba

Star’s bar

5 Rives de Clausen, 2165 Lëtzebuerg, Luxembourg

If you want to enjoy kizomba, salsa or bachata dancing, this Latin club in Luxembourg is the first place you must visit! There is a dance bar, where you can show off your Latino dancing skills till the night wears out! This is an international bar, the interior of this club is quite interesting as the club decor is largely based on ‘60s cinema. There are various events held by this club that you can attend such as Loco Latino night. You can also take bachata, salsa and Kizomba dance classes to sharpen your dance skills. This Latin club holds “After work Kizomba party with DJ Gomes Pingusso” on every 1st Tuesday of the month. You will be able to dance there from Tuesday to Sunday!

Luxembourg Internationale Kizomba Festival 7th Edition

Luxembourg International Kizomba Festival will take place from Thursday 30th of April 2020 to 5th May 2020 in Luxexpo The Box – 10 Circuit de La Foire Internationale, 1347 Luxembourg

Aimé Beurt

Aimé is one of the kizomba teachers in Luxembourg.
His goal is to travel, to give his perspective on kizomba and share his passion …

“Hello, my name is Aimé Beurt. I’m from Luxembourg, and I will talk about my story about kizomba. I started to dance around 10 years ago, something like that. I started to dance in Paris. When I was dancing, it was more – really good teachers were Kwenda Lima, it was that kind of guy. So I started with this style. When kizomba started to be famous and when kizomba grew, there was some style came like semba.

After I think 2 or 3 years when this one came in France, I started to dance, to do shows, to give classes, and people enjoyed. So I started doing semba too. So I was dancing semba, and since 5 years it came. People started to ask me to give a workshop, so I started to give workshops. Since 7-8 years, I’m giving classes around the world because now I know, people know me a bit in the world. I travel in U.S.,

I travel in a lot of countries in Europe – Bratislava, Poland, France, etc. Luxembourg is my country, actually.

So I travel a lot. I give my feeling about kizomba. For me, there is not war in kizomba. There is not a fight. I started when it wasn’t known and now I’m doing it. But when there’s a party I can dance anything, and it’s my conception of kizomba. I want that my students dance everything. That’s why now my festival, because I organize also a festival in Luxembourg. There are two festivals, Kizomba Luxembourg. We’ve been doing it 7 years now, and Unified we’ve been doing 4 years this year, 2019.

In this festival, I want both. So you have kizomba, you have semba. Every time I organize something, there is both type of dances. So guys, I want just to tell you something: kizomba is peace, kizomba is enjoy, and just enjoy your dance. Dance, and like it. That is all my conception of kizomba. Thank you”