Cape Verdean Batuque

The Cape Verdean Batuque

The batuque is probably, among the genres that have reached us, the most original testimony of the musical expression of the Cape Verdean people, transmitted from the cultures of the original African tribes to the Creole nation that was being molded. Tolerated only by the colonizing elites, for being considered “plebeian”, the batuque, closely linked …

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What is a taxi dancer

Who are the Taxi-Dancers?

What is this of “Taxi Dancers”, very simple, we explain it to you in a jiffy; you have an event… for every man, there are three women, they don’t dance and they get frustrated, until there the usual thing in the dancefloors… Well, a team of taxi dancers, covers this deficiency of boys, that if …

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Kizomba Hits Summer 2019

Kizomba Hits Summer 2019

Anselmo Ralph with C4 Pedro launches “Pra Cuiar Mais“, a song that lives a country atmosphere among saloons, robberies, sheriffs, and twists. The video clip edited by OneMovie has a decidedly cinematic setting as in the style of the latest production of C4 Pedro. Romantic Kizomba G.No and his hit “Siempre” sung in French and …

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Pan African Festival Aarhus

Interview with Yvonne Pedersen – Pan African Festival Organizer in Aarhus

Pan-African Festival Denmark is a cultural festival dedicated to celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of Africa. PANAFEST is a festival of Live African Music, cultural drumming, cultural Dance, acrobatics, Dj set, Storytelling, African fashion/ fashion show, Sales stalls, African cuisine, activities for the family especially the young ones, and many many more … Agora Kizomba …

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