Tarraxo and Fondecia

Tarraxo and Fondecia

Tarraxo and Fondecia Tarraxo Slow, sensual, hybrid and digital. A sound, of Portuguese denomination, has spread in the last months all over the world. TARRAXO is the name given to a new style of dance included in the fan that now offers the kizomba. This has its origins in the Tarraxinha but is danced on …

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Kizomba at First Sight Jorun Marie Kvernberg

Kizomba at First Sight – Jorun Marie Kvernberg

In “Kizomba at First Sight” we interviewed Jorun Marie Kvernberg. Jorun Marie Rypdal Kvernberg (born 10 July 1979) is a Norwegian traditional musician (hardingfele, violin, vocals) and composer. She is the daughter of traditional musicians Liv Rypdal Kvernberg and Torbjørn Kvernberg, and the sister of classical musician Kari Kvernberg Dajani and jazz violinist Ola Kvernberg, and granddaughter of the …

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Cape Verdean Batuque

The Cape Verdean Batuque

The batuque is probably, among the genres that have reached us, the most original testimony of the musical expression of the Cape Verdean people, transmitted from the cultures of the original African tribes to the Creole nation that was being molded. Tolerated only by the colonizing elites, for being considered “plebeian”, the batuque, closely linked …

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What is a taxi dancer

Who are the Taxi-Dancers?

What is this of “Taxi Dancers”, very simple, we explain it to you in a jiffy; you have an event… for every man, there are three women, they don’t dance and they get frustrated, until there the usual thing in the dancefloors… Well, a team of taxi dancers, covers this deficiency of boys, that if …

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