Social dance in Luleå, Sweden

Social Dance in Luleå, Sweden


Luleå is a city on the east coast of northern Sweden with about 75,000 inhabitants as of March 2013. It is the seat of the municipality of Luleå and the capital of the province of Norrbotten.

The Luleå archipelago consists of approximately 700 islands and extends to the border between Norrbotten and Västerbotten counties as well as to the Finnish border. Archaeological expeditions have uncovered a series of labyrinths that were probably used for agricultural rituals.

The name Luleå originates from an old Lule Sámi word for the eastern part of the river.

What can you do in Luleå?

Luleå is the largest city in the destination Swedish Lapland. Here you will find shopping, entertainment, culture, sports and a large selection of White Guide restaurants, but also close proximity to the world’s largest brackish water archipelago with 1,312 islands, rivers, and vast forest land.

Experience our seasons with great contrasts – from snow, cold and frozen sea in winter – to sun, heat and midnight light in the summer.

From September to March, under favorable conditions, you can see the legendary Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

Social dance in Luleå, Sweden
Luleå, Sweden

Short facts

  • The Luleå region, including neighboring municipalities, has about 170,000 inhabitants.
  • Founded in 1621 around the medieval church in Gammelstad, already moved 1649 a mile out to sea to its present location.
  • County center in Norrbotten – a quarter of Sweden.
  • Luleå has one of the country’s largest ports.
  • One of the country’s most secure summer towns.


Luleå enjoys a subarctic climate with short, cool and bright summers and long winters with plenty of snow. Despite its extremely northern latitude, the climate is relatively mild compared to other sites at similar latitudes, partly thanks to the Gulf Stream.


Not only has the number of shops and shopping centers grown in recent years, but the city is home to the world’s first covered shopping center, Shopping, which is still open today. In addition to this, you can find Strand, Smedjan, Folksamhuset and Sweden’s first shopping mall, Storgatan 61. The two most commercial streets of Luleå are also in the center: Storgatan and Kungsgatan.

Where to dance in Luleå, Sweden
Luleå, Sweden

Where to dance in Luleå?

Luleå Salsa Club is an association whose purpose is to conduct dance activities (social dance) in Luleå, with particular focus on Latin American dance styles. 

Social dances usually take place at Kulturcentrum Ebeneser. They have all their social dance event posted on facebook (@luleasalsaclub). Currently, they only give social dances every second weekend. They play mostly salsa and bachata, but also kizomba if requested

Useful addresses

  • Kulturcentrum Ebeneser

23, Skomakargatan, 972 31 Luleå, Sweden

Tel: +46 920 40 83 00

  • Luleå Turistcenter

Kulturens hus, Skeppsbrogatan 17, 972 31 Luleå, Sweden

Tel: +46 920 45 70 00