Afro Latin dances in Kirkenes, Norway

Dancing in Kirkenes

Dancing in Kirkenes

Kirkenes, located on a peninsula in the northeastern part of Norway, is a small mining town whose popularity increases especially in winter. Yes, it’s very cold, but that gives you the chance to sleep in a real snow hotel, go ice fishing or watch the dazzling aurora borealis. Meet Santa’s helpers at Gabba Reindeer Safari Park, have fun with an exciting dog tour or binge on fresh spider crab, a local specialty.

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the ‘Kirkenes Snowhotel’, a hotel that is rebuilt every year and is open between December and April. Although the temperature inside is always below zero degrees Celsius, the reindeer skin beds are warm and comfortable.

The most popular activities in summer are boat trips, hiking, scuba diving, fishing, hunting, and climbing, as well as bird watching.

Afro Latin dances in Kirkenes, Norway

During the winter, activities such as dog sledding, snowmobile tours, ice fishing, and king crab catch are offered.

In Vardø, you can see an intriguing monument erected in memory of the 91 people, mostly women, who were burned at the stake during the witch-hunt in the 17th century.

Traveling to northern Norway allows you to enjoy very different experiences depending on whether you go in summer or winter.

It is precisely in winter when this area of northern Norway, which corresponds to the natural region of Lapland, offers you its most deferential and very appropriate attractions if you like winter tourism.

View Northern Lights to Northern Norway

Afro Latin dances in Kirkenes, Norway

The possibility of seeing auroras Borealis is a great attraction to travel to Lapland Norway.
To see Nothern Lights in Norway, you go to a camp, which is conditioned to spend the night there.

Snowmobile Tour

If there is one activity that attracts everyone’s attention to do on a trip to northern Norway is a snowmobile excursion to lose yourself in the huge snowy landscapes.

Dog Sledding Tour

It is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do on a winter trip to Lapland Norway is a dog sled excursion.

They are excursions that are organized so that you can go in a sled pulled by husky dogs, a very original and different way to enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes.

Excursion to know the Sami culture

Another interesting excursion you can sign up for on your trip to northern Norway is the one that will allow you to delve deeper into Sami culture.

Afro Latin dances in Kirkenes, Norway

The Sámi are inhabitants of a region found in Northern Europe called Lapland and is divided between Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Finland.
The Sámi people are the oldest population in Europe, there are approximately 82,000 people, currently considered as the aboriginal population of Scandinavia.


Another activity that you can star in your trip to Norwegian Lapland is a snowshoe trekking. However, you must have a minimum of physical conditions to make the snowshoeing really enjoyable.

Trekking to fish in a frozen lake

Snowshoeing is usually combined with other winter activities, such as fishing in a frozen lake.

Royal Crab Safari

In summer this activity is carried out in a motorboat that sailing brings you closer to the place of the fjord where the Royal crab is fished and then go to the cabin or Sami shop where they are cooked and tasted.

How to go to Kirkenes

There are 4 ways to get from Oslo to Kirkenes by train, plane, ferry, bus or car

Afro Latin dances in Kirkenes, Norway


Juhls Silver Gallery, in Kautokeino

It is a combination of museum, gallery, souvenir shop, an architectural wonder. The important and strange architecture is already worth it and also tour its many rooms full of objects and even a chicken coop! It is a unique place worth visiting and with outstanding attention.

Sami Center for Contemporary Art, in Karasjok

It has a high-quality gift shop. The salmon skin purse is a must-have.
The center is situated close to the Karasjok bridge, downtown Karasjok.

AMFI Kirkenes

They have a Vinmomopolet shop where you can buy a good range of wines at bearable prices for a private drink

Dancing in Kirkenes

Where go dancing in Kirkenes?

At Kirkenes Salsaklubb you can dance Cuban salsa from 16:00- 16:40. Bachata from 16:40- 17:00, and Rueda de Casino from 17:00- 17:30. They don`t have a teacher, so they just dance, and some weekends we have classes with good teachers.

Afro style workshops are held from time to time

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