Dancing Kizomba in Kolding

Dancing Kizomba in Kolding

Kolding is a beautiful city is located in the fjord of the same name and has an important port in southern Denmark. Due to the great commercial, industrial and transport activity that takes place there, it has become the seventh largest city in the country.

Due to its long history, Kolding has many tourist attractions dating back many years. At the same time, it offers modern leisure and entertainment venues, with the possibility of shopping, enjoying its catering establishments and attending its theatres and cinemas.

Surely one of Kolding’s best-known historical postcards is its castle. Officially called Koldinghus, the building is usually referred to as Kolding Castle and dates back to the 13th century. It was built under the orders of King Eric Klipping, and later in history became the royal palace of the city.


In Kolding, summers are pleasant and partially cloudy and winters are long, very cold, windy and mostly cloudy. During the course of the year, the temperature generally varies from -2 °C to 21 °C and rarely drops below -9 °C or rises above 26 °C.

The best time of year to visit Kolding for hot weather activities is from the end of June to the end of August.

dancing kizomba in Kolding

Did you know that Kolding …

  • The first time mentioned in King Valdemar’s Soil Book from 1231 as “Kaldyng”, which means “the cold”.
  • It has a municipal weapon with an eagle, a lily, a stone, and waves, whose roots can be dated back to Kolding’s old city sail from the 13th century. The lily is the symbol of the Holy Knud’s guild.
  • It has had a zoo. It was a short pleasure in five years (1934-1939), but there were both bear roar and lion roar among the approximately 319 registered animals.
  • It is known as “Slice town”, the city has the largest number of pizzerias (approx. 20) in Denmark measured per capita.
  • It is an internationally recognized wine region on the same level as Alsace and Bordeaux – it is called Dons, and it is the first wine district in Denmark and northernmost in Europe.
  • As the first city in Scandinavia, has been named UNESCO Design City – this happened in 2017. But this is not the first time Kolding Municipality secures a UNESCO title. In 2015, Christiansfeld was appointed World Heritage by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee based on an application of 800 pages.


For those who want to go shopping, Kolding has one of the country’s main shopping centers, with shops for all needs: clothing, footwear, antiques and more. The gastronomic offer is also very wide, with restaurants for all tastes and occasions, from a romantic and luxurious dinner to a family snack. In Kolding Storcenter you can find a wide variety of shops: jewelry and accessories, books, fashion, optics, restaurants, sports shops and of course, footwear. Matas Østergade is a Beauty, vitality, and well-being – in one shop. Matas is a trademark in itself. Recognized products, thorough service and lots of good advice on chemicals vital products, health and care of the body. If you love retro, vintage and antique, Butik Nebenting is your place, 100 square meters spread over five rooms in the house in Hejls is filled with the most beautiful things.

dancing kizomba in Kolding

Friluftsland is Denmarks leading outdoor store with special equipment and cloth for traveling and outdoor.

If you´d like to look more handsome, NiceBeauty Kolding is ready to welcome you and make sure that you’ll get spoiled. Their team consists of a nail technician, a cosmetology and three hairdressers.

Dancing Kizomba in Kolding

Every Sunday you can dance Kizomba at Nicolai Scene, they are located in Skolegade 2B 6000 Kolding. From 18:30 to 19:30 Beginner class; from 19:30 to 20:30 Intermediate Class and from 20:30 to 22:00 Social Dancing.