Kizomba classes Copenhagen

Kizomba & Semba Classes – Copenhagen, Denmark – København

May 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Club Mambo
Vester Voldgade 85
1552 København
Kizomba & Semba Classes - Copenhagen, Denmark - København @ Club Mambo | København | Denmark

Kizomba & Semba Classes – Copenhagen


♥ 18.00- 19.00 – Kizomba and Semba BEGINNERS
Where it all starts… from the basic steps to the beginning of understanding of the music and some of the culture behind it.
You can attend this level if you never took a class before, also if you have had 1-2 seasons of beginners in the past and want to refresh.

♥ 19.10- 20.10 – Kizomba and Semba IMPROVERS
Where we take the basics to the next level, explore the possibilities on leading and following. Work on body movement and polish both frame and posture. Expect to hear more about the roots of these genres… Singers, Language, meaning of the songs, learning how to differentiate a kizomba from a semba or even some other styles danced at kizomba parties.
You can attend this level if you have taken a whole season of our beginner course, and have actively danced for a minimum of 6 months

♥ 20.10 – 22.00 – FREE SOCIAL DANCING!!!

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To ensure the quality of the class we will have a limited number of students per level, so make sure you sign up before everyone else 😉
No need to sign up with a partner- it helps- but we will work hard on keeping the levels 50-50

We start teams every six weeks.

We look forward to some more dancing with all of you