Kizomba Basic Steps

Girl´s “Salida” in Kizomba

Girl´s “Salida” in Kizomba

Before we talk about this Kizomba figure, we’ll start with the most basic part

Basic step Walking

This first basic step consists of walking forward with one foot and then the other, without repeating the foot (normal walking, come on).

Unlike other dances, in the case of the kizomba this walking step differs from the first by the totally characteristic grip with the partner and the absence of vertical movements of the shoulders and other movements of the upper body (arms, torso, head, etc.)

This basic can be done at different times such as

  • On time, walking one step with each musical beat
  • Double time, walking one step every other time
  • In contrast, walking one step every half time

Basic Two

It is the easiest one, it consists of moving in a lateral way with a step to the left and then to the right (in the case of the person who guides normally goes out to the left, in the times 1 or 5 although he can go out in the time that he wants)

Basic Three

Basic which consists in walking three steps forward starting with the left and in the third one joining the feet. Support the whole sole of the foot (so that it doesn’t look like bachata) and try not to put any weight on the left leg when you put your feet together, as you usually continue this sequence backwards by coming out with the same foot (left)

Kizomba Basic StepsAfter these basics we recommend you to learn the basic combinations.

You want to start with your initiation to kizomba and you have heard about the boy-girl outings. We hope this helps you.

We call basic combinations to the most used figures in the different styles within the kizomba that are composed of basic kizomba steps (basic 2 basic 3 and walking)

Among them the most known are the boy’s and girl’s outings. There are also others well known as reloj, estrella, virgola, casamiento (boy’s outings + girl’s outings) cuadrado etc

Before starting, it is necessary to point out that the kizomba is a very sensual dance. Therefore, we must give the dance a certain eroticism and we must move in that direction. To achieve this, we have to exaggerate the change of weight and move our hips.

However, our torsos don’t have that much movement. Even men, in case some of them thought that sensuality was a woman’s thing. One trick that might help is to imagine that with our hips we draw an eight. Or that we walk very carefully, performing the steps with a certain parsimony.

Let’s see the development of the figure, which on the other hand and as its name indicates is very simple.

Kizomba Simple Outing

The starting position will be in a hug. But, despite being such a sensual dance, the couple will not stay too close together. Just enough not to impede movement.

After a half time base step, followed by a double time base step, we begin.

The man will mark the woman one step backwards and the next step forward, making a feint. Then he will indicate her a pivot. She will do it with her right foot, passing her left foot in front of the right one in a crossing.

She pivots again. This time on the left foot, to get in front of the man. That way we would end up with a step in time

Girl´s outing

The boy will guide the girl starting with a step forward (left foot boy, right girl) and then go (backward boy, forward girl) to number 5 who will close the walk with their feet together.

In this backward walk before time 3 the boy will guide the girl to walk this 3rd step slightly to the right of the boy taking her out of this facing position. This guidance will be done with the right arm of the boy who will pull the girl out on her right.

In step 4 the boy with the right arm will again guide the girl to re-enter in the fully forward position to close with her feet together in step number 5.