Henrik Sandner

Agora Kizomba: New Contributor

We have a new contributor to our magazine, the Danish painter Henrik Sandner. The next issue of the magazine we will be able to enjoy his talent, as he collaborates by contributing one of his works to the cover and back cover of the magazine.

His work is full of color and life, his portraits are of great originality, his works of paper and ink are incredible.

Henrik Sandner’s Autobiography

Henrik Sandner (1965) Danish-born painter

For more than 30 years I have been painting and exhibiting my works, mainly in Denmark but several places in Europe and USA as well. I am currently living in Copenhagen, but have also lived in Germany, Berlin and Greece, Lesvos

Henrik Sandner

My approach to art has always been the abstract way, -even when I make “figurative” paintings such as my faces. That means that I am not seeking to make a naturalistically accurate depiction of my models, but rather attempting to catch the “essence” of the person. I, therefore, use colors, form, and rhythm as my instruments/tools to obtain that.

I believe that in every person you can find beauty, brutality, and fragility –and that is what I am looking for when I paint someone


He is truly an artist who knows how to capture rhythm in his paintings.

Welcome to Agora Kizomba, Mr. Sandner!