Pan African Festival Aarhus

Interview with Yvonne Pedersen – Pan African Festival Organizer in Aarhus

Pan-African Festival Denmark is a cultural festival dedicated to celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of Africa. PANAFEST is a festival of Live African Music, cultural drumming, cultural Dance, acrobatics, Dj set, Storytelling, African fashion/ fashion show, Sales stalls, African cuisine, activities for the family especially the young ones, and many many more …

Agora Kizomba Magazine interviews Yvonne Pedersen, organizer of Pan African Festival Aarhus

Hej, Could you tell us about the festival? How did it start?

Pan African Festival is an annual festival that celebrates the culture, presence, resilience, strength, and influence of Pan Africans in the diaspora, especially Scandinavia.

Pan African Festival Denmark is dedicated to celebrate Pan Africanism

The aim of PANAFEST DK is that the festival will serve as a cultural vehicle to mobilize, galvanize and empower diaspora Africans in Scandinavia as well as giving the general public regardless of culture, religion and age, the possibility to be a part of a platform of African drumming, music, and dance. Not forgetting the exotic dishes. In 2015, I was frustrated over the fact that there wasn’t any festival in Aarhus dedicated to celebrating all the good that African has to offer, therefore the birth of Pan African Festival Denmark.

Pan African Festival Aarhus

What role does dance and music play in the Pan African Festival?

Dance and music have always been an important part of African culture and a great source of inspiration and hope for the people of Africa. It is a universal form of communication and plays a functional role on every occasion in the African society, from birth, marriage, rites of passage, and even political activities. Therefore, it is only natural that dance and music is the main hub for PANAFEST DK

Do you think there is still a great lack of knowledge of African cultures in general?

Absolutely! There is still a massive lack of knowledge of the African culture, and that is why it is important that we as

Africans especially in the Diaspora need to connect and continue to educate the world about Africa and build bridges for knowledge about the African continent.

How is the audience´s response? Do you think there is a growing interest in discovering the enormous cultural richness of the African continent?

Well, PANAFEST DK started with just a few audiences, today, 5 years later, we can boost of an audience of over 400 people at our recent festival, taking into consideration that Aarhus is a small city and the fact that the weather (On the day of PANAFEST) has not been favorable the past couple of years.

Agora Kizomba is a magazine about African and Latin rhythms; do you know many of these rhythms?

Yes, I know a few. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Samba, and Timba.

The festival has been going on for several years, do you remember any curious anecdote that happened to you?

Oh Mine! I think that was when an artist (Main art) on our program missed his flight from another engagement from within Europe and we urgently needed a replacement. We got a replacement, but then the rains set in heavily, the replacement missed his train and had to cancel too. I laugh about it today, but it so not funny at the time..

Could you advance for us some news for next year?

For Next year will be having more arts, more live performances and we intend to push
more by engaging the various African organizations in the program.

Pan African Festival Aarhus

What are your future goals?

Pan African Festival Denmark has a simple goal to unite people across cultures. To be
one of the biggest informative and educative African festivals in the Scandinavia.

Could you tell us which is your website and your social networks?
Facebook: Pan African Festival Denmark
Instagram: @panafestdenmark

Mange tak, Yvonne, It has been a pleasure to interview you, we hope that the festival will continue to grow and that it will be more and more successful.

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