Interview with Emanuel Gsponer – Kizomba at First Sight

Enmanuel Gsponer is a real estate agent and trade broker who in his spare time draws and in addition, dances bachata

Hello Emmanuel, could you tell us a little about yourself?Kizomba at Frist Sight

My name is Emanuel Adan Gsponer, I like to draw, make comics and play video games, I recently graduated as a real estate agent and trade broker, I live with my dad and my mom, and a pet named Perlita, and I have an older brother who lives in another house and I was diagnosed Asperger 2 years ago, in December 31

What types of dance do you like the most?

I like the dances but not as much as the above, since I don’t dance well, and I do sometimes, in which I do the bachata, I also did salsa and reggaeton in the past.
I like bachata better

Have you ever danced with a partner?

Couple dancing is always very good
Only it’s harder for me.

Kizomba at Frist Sight

Do you think dance can help to overcome some problems?

Yes, I started the dance because I also have a problem in the spine and they said it was good.

Have you given dance classes in an academy, or have you learned on your own?

I thought I could do a course but I don’t know if I really like it.
I learn on my own

Do you have any hobby related to art?

Yes, I make drawings, I create characters, stories, I do theatre, I go to a cultural center.

Finally, I send you a link to a kizomba video, can you tell us your impressions?

The dance of youtube seems to be good