Jette Norup Lund

Interview with Jette Norup Lund – Alternative Therapist

Jette is an alternative therapist who loves to see her clients feel better and start pursuing those dreams that may not have been for a while.

She is trained in several different forms of alternative treatment. She likes to mix them to help with the emotional stresses that really are her specialty.  Sometimes she also hosts workshops in Copenhagen and in Lyon, France, where she mixes dance and treatment.

Jette Norup LundTell a little about yourself!

My name is Jette Norup Lund and I am 50 years old. I am a trained reflexologist, craniosacral therapist, Reiki healer, and heart healer. I help, for example, people with their mindsets through the use of combinations of these different therapies. I do a 2-hour treatment, where I mix everything as I call body, soul and mind coaching. As a 20-year-old, I got my eyes on the alternative world opportunities after an ugly traffic accident where I got one I was hit by a taxi on my bike when I was on way home from my work as a canteen manager. After the accident, I had no energy and I fainted regularly. I had constant headache and back pain and problems with common everyday things, such as cooking, reading, climbing stairs to our apartment on the 4th floor, shop, go without support, no profit to be with other people, I really felt like one in 95 years, and much, much more. We tried everything that doctors and hospitals could offer us the 9 months after the accident. Everyone agreed that I was not healthy and healthy as before, but no one could find out what was going on so I could get well again. Finally, I was offered the diagnosis “Chronic fatigue syndrome” and declared 15% invalid.

I couldn’t settle for that, so I tried alternative treatment. There I met the healer Lars and it became a big turning point in my life. I really got it much better so I could go without support from my husband after the first 2 times with him. I was very quick healthy and Lars trained me with heart healing for the first couple of years. Then I took the other education to get an even bigger one understanding of the body with the mental and physical. It was a fantastic trip.

When did my passion for dance begin?

I was dyslexic and had a hard time learning at school and stayed teased a lot because of my curly hair, so I was a lot introverted girl and sad. But in 7th grade in elementary school, I could go to dancing lessons after school and it was free. It gave me something joy in life, as

I was always very happy when I danced. I felt alive.

 For the first time in my life, I felt something was there could find out. But when I went out of the primary school my family can’t afford that I could continue dancing lessons and I stayed very sorry. In the following years, I held the dance through many city tours with my lovely friend Vivian, who also loved to dance.

Did you come from a creative family?

They were a little creative, but my family’s terms were very limited by one very poor economy. So my mother tried to be creative with the few things we could afford to stretch longer. Always had clothes and clothing very sparse food budget.

When and how did you become interested in Kizomba?

The interest started during the last year when I lived in Lyon, France. It came about that I was thinking, “Is there something I haven’t done in my life, which I have not taken the initiative for, time or afford?” There the dance came out very clearly in my heart. And I started walking for dancing lessons alone. The dance was much more than just my personal space as I am good at labeling energies. It was a lot the buckles for me to find out what people got out of dancing and how they could feel a personal development through the dance. That energy there are between 2 people and the energies they have with them were great the buckles to observe.

When one night a few months later I was out in a dance place, I got an eye on a man who danced with a woman where the energy was different and even more beautiful than I had previously picked up. I contacted the man to try a dance with him. Wow,

it was like being led out a journey and joy spread throughout the body

. He danced kizomba. I had not previously dared to try the dance when I thought you were standing too close. He explained a little about how the steps were and how tired I dared surrender me and let me lead. That man, Sam, became my good friend and he shared what he knew about the dance and the music. He began to work along with me and the new understanding that I had been given body movements and energies. I came to feel and understand where strengthening kizomba is in its movement so I use it in my work as a treat. It became the concept I call “Dance and Relaxation ”for both groups and individuals. Today I have another super lovely dancer from Lyon, called Lionel, who also has a unique ability to use the energy of the dance to promote personal development. And I have Gregers from Denmark and he also loves to share his experience with kizomba. We teach together in relaxation and dance for teams. Our motto is that the most important thing is to get a good dance experience and to have fun than anything else.

Do you have rituals you do before a show?

I do not dance as a professional dancer. I dance for fun and for the joy of life that I feel in the body is very life-affirming to me. I really like sharing it with others and get to know the dance alone or with my dances partner. Kizomba is a very grounding dance so it supports people in it yourself and who they are. I make Qi gong every day, to have a good flow in my body. And also uses the kizomba music and steps to help strengthen my body with the knowledge, I have about the spine.

Jette Norup Lund

How would you define the scene of Kizomba in Denmark?

It was lovely and evolving. But then the owners of the dance venues could don’t agree or anything in that style. So now, kizomba fills up something less in the dance environment. We, Kizomba dancers fight to keep it in alive.

Have you ever had students with disabilities?

No, I have not.

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