Kido Semedo in Agora Kizomba Magazine

Kido Semedo´s New Single – Kizomba Hits

Kido Semedo is a Cape Verdean artist who is based in Portugal. He is an author, composer and performer.

His music perfectly matches the vibes and languor of kizomba.

He is the author of the title “Hoje aceito” (2018).

Kido Semedo will soon release his new single: “NHA KODÊ”.
Agora Kizomba offers you an advance. Kido Semedo tells us about his new single:

“It’s a special single, because it’s a song I dedicate to my wife, and all the strong women who fight for their relationships always remain solid, even suffering attacks of others to spoil it… The Video will be available on my YouTube Channel next week.

The English Chorus means: What God has united, no one will separate, you are the one I have chosen, forever, forever”

Stay tuned to Kido Semedo’s Youtube channel

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