Jonas Bjerre

Kizomba at First Sight: Jonas Bjerre

Interviews Kizomba at first sight

Jonas Bjerre“Kizomba at first sight”, in which we interview artists who have nothing to do with everything related to Afro-Latin rhythms, nor with this culture.

Jonas Bjerre Terkelsbøl is the lead singer of Danish rock band MEW Jonas Bjerre is also a visual artist and creates animated videos for Mew’s live shows. He has earned a Danish Music Award for Danish Male Singer in 2006..

Jonas is also in a band called Apparatjik consisting of himself,Guy Berryman of Coldplay, Magne Furuholmen of A-ha and Martin Terefe

Jonas has also recorded songs and written scores for films.In 2011, Bjerre composed the soundtrack for the movie Skyscraper by Rune Schjøtt. The music was released on the album Songs and Music from the Movie Skyscraper

We have shown Mr. Bjerre two different videos: kizomba and semba. He has agreed to give us his opinion, we are very grateful for his sincerity and kindness.

“I don’t really have much to say about it, save that they seem to convey a great deal of intimacy through their movements, and that the music feels celebratory, and life affirming”

We appreciate the lines Mr. Bjerre have written about his impressions of the dance, and we hope that Mr. Bjerre will excuse us, as the sound quality of the videos is not very good.

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