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New Section: Kizomba at first sight

September is coming with news for our magazine.
From now on, Agora Kizomba will be a quarterly magazine.

kizomba dance
We also released a new section: “Kizomba at first sight”, in this section we will interview outstanding artists who don’t know Afro-Latin rhythms. They will watch several videos of kizomba, semba or kuduro and tell us what their first impressions are.

For many of them, this is the first time they have seen these types of dances and have heard these rhythms, as they come from very different cultures.
Are you curious to know what a thrash metal band, an amazing multidisciplinary artist, or one of the most successful participants at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest edition, thinks about Afro-Latin rhythms?


Note: The cover image of this post belongs to Christa´s Art Gallery. Very special thanks to Christa´s Art Gallery for providing us with their images.