Kizomba Dance Tips by Richard and Naylé - Basics

Kizomba Dance Tips by Richard and Naylé – Basics

Kizomba Dance Tips by Richard and Naylé – Basics

There are some good habits that are being lost. Richard Vargas and Naylé Reyes are dancers and dance teachers. In this video they explain some very useful tips for dancing Kizomba

Richard: Hello Agora Kizomba Magazine, s friends, we are Naylé Reyes and Richard Vargas, we are from the Kizomba Conexión Afrolatina academy in Venezuela and we are currently teaching in Marbella.
I would like to share with you some tips, or some advice… of things we have seen in the dance, that we kind of miss and we think it would be good to rescue them.
The first of them, for example, when we are going to invite a girl to dance, to go out to dance, we don’t know her or anything, and suddenly I have seen in some occasions in the dance floors, that from far away they make signs to go out to dance,

when the most pleasant thing or the ideal thing or the most cordial and gentlemanly thing would be that the boy approaches to where the girl is and extends his hand to invite her to dance

, I believe that that is one of the things that the girls like…

Naylé: Yes, it’s like a symbol of courtesy and… that the person really wants you to feel comfortable dancing with that person, well, with the leader who’s going to take you out to dance, I think that would be kind of nice, and in fact girls feel more comfortable.

Richard: It’s a little detail, a little attention that we already have with the girl before we start dancing, okay! Then we accompany her, directly to the dance floor, to start dancing with her and, I think it’s very important, not to start dancing abruptly, I mean, the music is playing, maybe we Kizomba Dance Tips by Richard and Naylé - Basicsdidn’t catch the song from the beginning and we missed the intro, but it’s important that we connect with our partner first, so we can start dancing at ease. It is important, again, that I feel my partner first, that I connect with her, start with easy steps to try how I feel, how she follows me, if she responds to the indications I am asking, to understand us, if we manage to understand each other, and after this: that we are already connected, that there is that complicity between the two, that we have achieved that connection that we need to dance the kizomba, because then we can start to do more complicated steps already after the second song. But what would be the first song is more to connect, to achieve that connection with our partner, yes? so that after the second or third song we can enjoy the dance. Okay!

Naylé: That’s very important about the first, second and third song because there are many people who may have the intention of dancing with many people or there is a lot of demand for girls when it’s the boys’ turn to dance with them. It’s very common for them to want to dance one or two songs with only one girl, so sometimes you don’t get the chance to feel comfortable with that person or you get scared or embarrassed. Other times, you’re not ready or you’re thinking about other things, like whether you’ll be able to do it if you feel committed to some important instructor that you’ve been wanting to dance with,

and then finally, finally! you get the chance, and when the time comes, everything goes wrong or you get nervous.

Then, having that space of one or two songs for you, to create that magic, because it helps the dance is richer and that you can really relax, but you even forget who you danced with because you are so aware, in that moment of stress, not to make mistakes, that everything goes well, that does not create that rich environment for dancing, and that is super important and sometimes you dance only one song and it is not enough.

Richard: Another thing that can prevent our dancing from being pleasant with our partner, is our personal hygiene, it’s something extremely important that we must take care of, that we must maintain. Always for girls – for girls as well as for boys – everyone who has danced has had to dance with a person who was sweaty or who didn’t smell good for some reason, we all know how good it is to reach out to a person, to hug them, because we remind you that this is a dance of much contact, of much connection, so…

nothing is more pleasant and richer than dancing with a person who is clean, smelly, perfumed, groomed, clean, yes? those are important things.

Naylé: Yes, especially the gentleman, when he goes to dance and comes, all of a sudden, from exercising, from doing sports, from doing another activity, sometimes we see him in the classes, it doesn’t necessarily have to be when they go out to dance in some place or in some workshop or something like that, but maybe they have all day in workshops or all night dancing and when he comes to you, well, his breath or his sweat, well, it affects us, because we come to embrace and that kind of cuts it off a little bit. It is extremely important, both for the boy and for the girl, because it has happened to us in different situations.

Richard: Ouch! Yes, one of the things that we always recommend in the classes to our students when they are starting is precisely that they take care of that part, the liver