Kizomba Denmark

Kizomba Denmark: Copenhagen

Kizomba Denmark

In Northern Europe, the Afro-Latin dances are becoming more and more popular. Kizomba started in Denmark in 2008

In Denmark this dance, although it is not as well known as the Latin dances (salsa, merengue or bachata), little by little a space is made.

Kizomba Pioneers in Denmark

Zé Rui Custodio and Daniela Horta were pioneers in introducing kizomba in Denmark. They are Performers, Instructors, Promoters, Event Creators and the First Official face of Kizomba Denmark.

Daniela Horta

She was born in Portugal. When she finished her studies she went to Denmark where she met Zé Rui. When starting with kizomba she understood that this was part of her roots and it soon became her passion.

Zé Rui

Zé was born in Cape Verde, grew up in Portugal and later moved to Denmark. He taught this dance to the Danes becoming one of the most popular instructors.

Zé Rui and Daniela Horta started the teaching together

Interview with Daniela Horta

Hej Daniela, I am happy to interview you in Agora Kizomba.

Hi, Eva

How did the kizomba begin in Denmark?

Long story.

I am portuguese and have been living in copenhagen since 2001. In 2007 through mutual friends I met a guy, we used to all go dancing salsa and bachata there was no kizomba at all. My salsa teacher was the dj at the local parties and we were all friends.

The kizomba hype in portugal was starting and me and this guy started talking about it. Since he had origins in Cape Verde and I in Mozambique we had heard it in the palop communities so we decided to learn how to dance it together.

We would take trips to lisbon and have classes. Then we would come back and convince the dj to play a song for us to dance 😅 after some time, he came to us and said he would play 2 kizombas if we did a intro class of 15 minutes in the beginning of the party. This was in 2008

Before that i only heard of a kizomba workshop conducted in Copenhagen by a Spanish couple through a salsa school.

In the end of 2008 we put up the company kizomba DK and until 2015 we taught all over but mainly in Copenhagen.

From 2008 to about 2013 we were the only ones offering regular weekly classes in Copenhagen!

In 2015 my former dance partner moved to Switzerland and I started working with my current partner.

What do you like most about Kizomba?

The connection two people can achieve in it.

Was it very hard to make this dance known in Denmark? When you started teaching, were there already people who knew Afro-Latino rhythms?

It was very hard. No one knew it outside the very small palop communities. There was salsa, bachata, reggeton, dancehall aso… but no kizomba or semba…

Is it very difficult for Danes to dance a dance that requires such close physical contact?

In a way… but it is also why they like it so much ( in my opinion),because they get to experience a closeness that is not usual for their culture

How do you see the kizomba scene in Denmark in general and in Copenhagen in particular?

As a very friendly and open community. Everyone knows everyone 😊

Do you think that Kizomba and other Afro-Latin dances are going to gain followers in Denmark and that they will become as well known and practiced as salsa and bachata?

It has been a growing tendency since 2008 so i can only hope it continues like that so it becomes just as well known and practiced 😁

What do you think of certain more modern rhythms such as the tarraxo, which mixes kizomba with kuduro, or fondecia?

I think that kizomba is kizomba and from there, there are many ramifications that are the result of different expressions of the dancers with their own preferences and skills. As long information is passed on respectfully, people can create what ever they want ☺️

Have you ever organized an event?

Yes, many.
From weekend bootcamps, to workshops, parties, concerts and the copenhagen kizomba festival… all 8 editions of it ☺️

Do you know the kizomba scene in other places like Norway or Sweden?

Yes- some of it

Are they very different from Denmark?

Not sure. I hear that the Swedish and Norwegian communities are more urbankiz inclined. In both countries i meet friendly open people that want to enjoy what dancing has to offer.

How could people follow you online?

People can follow me on my page “kizomba Dk – Daniela” 😊:

Thank you very much for your collaboration, you have been very kind

Great. I look forward. Thank you for your interest!

It has been a pleasure to interview you, I hope you continue to be very successful in all your projects.

København Kiz Festival

The best known festival is København Kiz Festival, which takes place during 29th – 30th – 31st May 2020

The styles that are danced are: Kizomba, Semba, UrbanKiz, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Fusion and Douceur

The instructors whose attendance is confirmed are: Puto Chinez and Kymi (Paris),  Saber and Majdouline (Belgium), Gwany and Liliana (Paris) and more to come…

The Djs: Dj Lenhy (Paris), Dj Sabura (Portugal), Dj David Ruela (Holland), Dj Nao (Belgium), Dj Carlos King (Portugal), Dj Pina (Portugal) and more to come…

To buy tickets for attendees living in Scandinavia:

Kizomba Denmark

Kizomba Copenhagen

Thursday Kizomba Party – Free open level class

Thursday, 26 September 2019 at 20:00

Cab-Inn Scandinavia

Vodroffsvej 55, 1900 Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, Denmark


Thursday Kizomba Party – with free intro class

• How does this work!? •

When paying the entrance to the party, there will be free a free intro kizomba class from 20.00-20.30.
Come and learn the basics of kizomba and dance with the more experienced dancers afterwards!

We will make sure to create a cosy atmosphere with soft lighting so you can enjoy your dance the best way possible

When joining the weekly thursday or monday classes you automatically have free entrance to the party

House DJ’s:

– DJ Lassen
– DJ Pink
– DJ Naknak
– DJ Daniela


Dates and times:
Thursdays from 20.00 – 23.30
From 20.00-20.30 we will have a free intro kizomba workshop

Kizomba Denmark

Entrance: 60 DKK (free class included)

Payment: Cash or Mobilepay (no creditcards!!)

Adress: Vodroffsvej 55, 1900 Frederiksberg
Room 4 in the basement.

We hope to see you at our new thursday concept

Kizz Station CPH

Every Tuesday Until 10 December

✔DANZAHOLIC and ✔LUNATICAEVENTSCPH presents you a NEW edition of ◣ KIZZ Station ◢ – a place to meet amazing people, learn, socialize, dance and have a few drinks.

**A cosy Kizomba night in the center of Copenhagen to learn, practice your moves and social dancing.

➟18:45 = Door opens
➟19:00 – 20:00 = Urban Kizz with VJ and Patrīcija (Intermediate level)
➟20:00 – till you drop = Party with DJ VJ…♬♬♬

– 50 DKK (party and workshop)
– 30 DKK (party)

★ VENUE = LunaticaEventscph Frederikssundsvej 7, 2400 København .
This is an awesome place only for Kizomberos with wooden floor and great sound.

★ Transport = The venue is across Norrebro station. Easy to find and navigate.
Busses = 66, 5C, 350s and 4A.

Lunatica Events cph: Frederikssundsvej 07, 2200 Copenhagen – TEL: +45 21 99 58 44

Latin Fridays at Kedelhallen

Every Friday until November 29th

The Latin Friday evenings in a cosy surroundings at the heart of Frederiksberg.

EVERY FRIDAY FROM 20:30 to 02:00

From 21:00 to 21:30: Absolute beginners intro-lesson in Salsa or Bachata .
From 21:30 til 02:00: The best within Salsa, Bachata, Merengue & Reggaeton.

From 21:30 til 00:30 am: 100% Smooth and sensual Kizomba lounge around the bar.

Kizomba Denmark

Delicious cocktails & cold beer can be purchased at bar at reasonable prices.

Entrance: 60 DKK – 50 DKK with student card.

Kedelhallen: 2000 Frederiksberg, Frederiksberg, Denmark – TEL: +45 30 70 08 38