Kizomba sensual dance

Whoever told you that kizomba is a dirty dance had no idea…

The word kizomba came into our lives a few years ago and is becoming a dance style with more and more followers. But if we move away from the groups of followers, there are many people who think that this is a dance whose only purpose is to get close to the couple with some sexual pretension. Nothing could be further from the truth… If you belong to this group, keep reading because kizomba is much more than dancing close together.

Kizomba is a rhythm from Africa that has become fashionable in recent years. Its slow cadence, a marked base and a very sensual way of dancing as a couple are the secrets of a dance discipline that for some is almost a lifestyle. Far from knowing the philosophy it hides, many people think that it only serves to rub and dance without the air running. To change that thought is as easy as observing the “kizombero” atmosphere up close.

Kizomba: Beyond the Physically

Kizomba dancers are often offended when those who don’t know the rhythm and its culture say it’s just for rubbing. The objective of this dance goes far beyond the rubbing of the bodies… the couple is not chosen for reasons of sex, race or age, but for the feeling that awakens dancing and good proof of how little the physical matters is that most of the time you dance with your eyes closed to feel the music better.

Kizomba sensual dance

Together, but not mixed up

Although it is true that the distances dancing kizomba are short, the embrace, which is the name that receives the way to catch and indicate the couple, can be more open or more closed depending on the country where you dance … Angola, Cape Verde, France or Portugal use different embraces but the purpose of all of them is that there is the necessary proximity to indicate well the steps to follow your partner. That closeness makes that for many dancers the kizomba is a magical and almost therapeutic rhythm.

Artistic connection, not sexual

If a couple connects dancing and enjoys the music, they can repeat one, two or ten songs with that person without being criticized because the objective is usually not sexual, but pure artistic connection. There are no demonstrations of technique or repertoire of figures because the main objective is to listen to the music and make each note feel in the body of your partner the time you share a track.

Kizomba sensual dance

Feeling and interpretation

Those who approach kizomba, and by extension African culture, want to understand where it comes from, what it expresses and deepens in the different rhythms and forms of dancing. That is why there are also classes of semba, kuduro, afrohouse or tarraxinha… Even in disciplines where the movements are closer and the girl’s hips come into play, such as the tarraxa, the intention is always to interpret the music feeling it in your body.