Kizomba Fever in Latin Singers

Kizomba music is booming. More and more artists are encouraged to include Kizomba themes in their repertoires.
Some of these singers are well known.

Daniel Santacruz
Daniel Santacruz

Daniel Santacruz, (New Jersey, November 23,1976)

He is an American musician, singer, and composer. He has been nominated six times for the Latin Grammy and has been awarded several ASCAP, Billboard, Lo Nuestro Award and Sovereign Award as a songwriter and singer.
In 2014 his studio album “Lo Dice La Gente” is released, which is one of the favorites among dancers around the world. In this album, Daniel explores not only Bachata but also a genre that is getting stronger and stronger: Kizomba. And with the track “Lento” he is one of the favorites in countries like Portugal and Switzerland.

Iván Venot Born in Maracay (Venezuela)

Iván Venot
Iván Venot

Ivan was influenced by his grandfather – a guitarist and Tango singer. Since 2001 Ivan Venot is based in Milan (Italy), along with Madrid and Paris, where this composer and arranger has become a musical referent.

Accompanied by the talented Italian musician Tony Velardi, Venot achieves with his album a good balance between salsa and bachata.

Some of his songs of kizomba are:”Cerca de ti” and “Me excitas”.

El Rubio Loco 

El Rubio Loco
El Rubio Loco

GianCarlo Pioli  Starts his artistic career as a singer and composer.
Songs such as “Bachata de amor”, “Gózalo”, “Libre”, “Salsatón” and many more have been met with remarkable international success and are still among the “bailador” audience favorites. Defined the father of the Italian Latin Style by the specialized press and by the best Latin American music Djs, El Rubio Loco has been Latin Artist of the year 2003 in Italy and with the album “Gózalo” has peaked in several international charts.

His album Smooth Operator / Vivo Por Ella contains remixes by Kizomba.

Pablo Alborán
Pablo Alborán

In one of the videos of Spanish singer Pablo Alborán we can see a couple dancing kizomba in “Pasos de cero”.

When will other brilliant artists be encouraged by this musical style?
Will we ever hear Enrique Iglesias @enriqueiglesias, Chayanne @CHAYANNEMUSIC,Thalia @thalia ‏, Carlos Baute @carlosbaute or Ricky Martin @ricky_martin singing kizomba?

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