Kizomba Hits Summer 2019

Kizomba Hits Summer 2019

Anselmo Ralph with C4 Pedro launches Pra Cuiar Mais, a song that lives a country atmosphere among saloons, robberies, sheriffs, and twists. The video clip edited by OneMovie has a decidedly cinematic setting as in the style of the latest production of C4 Pedro.

Romantic Kizomba

G.No and his hit “Siempre” sung in French and Spanish, although released last year, is one of the most romantic songs of this summer.

Nadya with Mr. Carly have recently released “Mereço Mais” for lovers of romantic and sentimental kizomba. The message you read is “A relationship is made of ups and downs, the important thing is that together they reach 100% So do not err with those you love, the good things that have done and lived will not be noticed”.

The song “Habibi” from Kaysha‘s African Prince album is ideal for dancing this summer.

Of course, I couldn’t miss Kido Semedo‘s new single “NHA KODÊ”.

WonderBoyz proposes the new success of Arieth Feijó “Tão Só”, one of the most beautiful and delicate songs of this summer.

The sweet notes of a piano introduce “Bai”, the latest success of Soraia Ramos, and then Elji Beatzkilla accompanies Elisa Almeida‘s voice in music and video in “Homi Nha Amiga”.

Soraia Ramos
Soraia Ramos

The smiles of a beautiful model fall in love with the protagonist in the song “Perfeição” by Denis Graca. A stroke of a magic wand and every dream seems to be possible…. but not always necessary to conquer something special.

Afro House Music

Ready to go wild with Puto Prata feat. Dj Habias in the song Afro House “Pico” that throws us into the longest and hottest night, the summer one that welcomes us with open arms.

“Don’t let go” by Diamantero x Kaysha is another of this summer’s Afro-House themes.