Copenhagen Pop Up

Kizomba Pop Up Copenhagen

Kizomba Pop Up Copenhagen is a site for arranging outdoor events when the weather is nice. It started last year.

We talked to Anders Vinther, he’s one of the two organizers of the event

. He has been dancing kizomba for about two years. Kizomba started in Denmark about 10 years ago.

Good afternoon, Mr. Vinther, What attracted you most to kizomba?

Good afternoon, the thing that attracted me most to kizomba was the intimate almost symbiotic connection. And the freedom to improvise at any point in any figure.


How would you define the Kizomba dance scene in Denmark?

Up and coming. It’s still small, niche and young. But it’s growing up. And that’s beautiful to be a part of.

Kizomba Pop Up Copenhagen

Mange tak for alt, Mr. Vinther. We wish you continued growth and increasing success for your event.

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