Makeup for men

Makeup for men who dance

When we dance we like to look nice, especially if cameras proliferate everywhere, and untimely shines on our faces could spoil a photo or video, who doesn’t like to look handsome in Instagram?

We offer some makeup tips for men who dance

Makeup isn’t just for women.

Whenever we talk about makeup we tend to take it for granted that it is for women, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. There is makeup for men, since many people of the masculine gender claim their right to be able to improve their appearance with the different tricks that cosmetics offers to enhance their features or conceal their imperfections.

If you want to know everything you need to know about makeup for men, do not miss this article, we will explain all its secrets and curiosities from the first line to the last.

Let’s get started!

Makeup For Men

Ideal cosmetics for men’s makeup

The most important thing about male makeup is to know what type of cosmetics are recommended for its correct application. The key to makeup is that you do not notice that you are wearing it, that it has an appearance that is invisible on the face. Here are the cosmetics recommended for men’s makeup:

Makeup for men

Makeup Base

It is important that you choose the shade of makeup that most closely resembles the tone and color of your skin so that the product fuses perfectly with your face, so you should not tan with the makeup, unless you want to have an artificial look. It is also recommended that the base be according to your skin type, which in men is more common to be mixed or oily.


If you want to hide all your pimples, scars, blemishes and redness, you need a concealer.
It is very important that you blur it very well with your finger or with a sponge so that there are no stains on your makeup or differences in tone with respect to the base. It is very important to keep in mind that, if you want a natural and masculine finish, never use an illuminator or a concealer that has brightness, as it will give you a feminine look and something artificial.

makeup for men

Eyebrow fixator

Just as you’re very concerned about perfect hair, it’s important that you take care of your eyebrows to make sure they’re not disheveled. To do this, you can use a transparent eyebrow fastener if your eyebrows are bushy and a brown one if you have too few and need to fill them in. Perfectly groomed eyebrows give a very good feeling, as well as helping you to make your look more interesting and highlight the importance of your eyes.

Powders with colours

If you need a finish that is light enough to hide your imperfections, you should use a moisturizer as a base to apply tanning powders that are the same tone as your skin. If you want them to have a natural effect on your skin, you should choose a matte finish and apply it delicately and precisely so that it can cover all areas of your face. If you’re looking for a perfect result, it’s best to spread it with a thick face brush or a kabuki brush, but if you want more comfort, ideally you should choose handle brushes, which will stand upright at all times thanks to their flat design.

MYEGO Matifiant Shine Reduction Powder is designed specifically for men. It actively goes in and removes glossy skin without noticing that you have used powder. It is based on a unique skin fat absorbing particle that removes excess oil and shine from the skin. Your skin will appear naturally matte.

Matifying powders

Compact powders are an essential part of a men’s make-up kit. Why are they so important? In the first place, they are ideal and totally recommendable to control the grease of your face and thus you will be able to avoid brightness so that the makeup lasts during many hours and remains of intact way. Another very similar product with the same effects is the makeup fixing spray, which will put the icing on the cake to ensure a 100% perfect finish, and will not give you artificial colors, besides being more comfortable for your face.

Anti-Shine powder against glossy and oily skin with medium color.
Men’s skin tends to appear oily and glossy – and here Menaji Anti-Shine Powder can help you! The anti-shine powder is specially designed to remove excess oil in the skin without the appearance of wearing it. Gives a perfect result.
Contains both Vitamin C and E and has built-in protection against the sun’s UV rays (SPF 15).


  • Removes excess oil / counteracts oily skin.
  • Provides your skin with vitamins and new energy
  • Protects against the sun’s UV rays

Beauty tips for men

It’s important that you follow these beauty tips:

Apply concealer on the eyelid so that it can be equalized with a corrected tone of the eyelid and that no contrast is noticed.
If you want to enhance your lashes apply a mask that is 100% transparent to give them shape, but never use it to give them color or to curl them more than necessary, because you will give it a touch too feminine, and what you have to look for is the opposite.
If you’re a guy who has a beard, it’s important to comb it when you finish your makeup so as not to get encrusted remains of base or powder, which will give quite bad effect. To do this, all you have to do is use an eyebrow brush and, to stay calm and make sure you don’t notice anything at all, apply transparent fixative.

makeup for men

Differences between male and female makeup

We have already talked about the different products and brands that exist in male makeup, but it is very important to know how male cosmetics differ from female cosmetics and whether the way in which men makeup is different.

Although the skin composition of men and women is practically the same, there are significant differences between men’s and women’s products. First, men’s skin needs are different as they produce more collagen, hair follicles and sebaceous glands. This makes the skin less sensitive and able to withstand products that are much stronger. However, as we have more acne, we will not be able to use products that are too heavy or creamy.

It is necessary that specific cosmetic products for men are adapted to these characteristics of the male complexion.

Although the skin has different needs, the most noticeable contrast is in the price since the products created for women cost almost twice as much as those for men, since in men there is much less variety and there is not such a clear differentiation in terms of age range or products that are for day or night.

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