Northern Lights Dance Sensual Festival

Northern Lights Dance Sensual Festival – Interview with Paola Brown, Organizer

Northern Lights Dance Sensual Festival in Trondheim

From 17th to 20th of October it takes place the Northern Lights Dance Sensual Festival which held in the beautiful city of Trondheim. It is one of the very few opportunities that exist to dance under the northern lights.

This event promotes community and bringing people together to dance kizomba, bachata with a touch of salsa!

More than 20 hours of workshop and social dance divided into 2 rooms at hotel Scandic Solsiden. They will offer workshops both at basic/improver level and intermediate/advanced.

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Interview with Paola Brown – Organizer

Hei Paola, I’m glad to talk to you.

Hei Eva, nice to meet you

I’d like you to start by talking about the festival you organize, what the trajectory has been since it started and how the idea came about.

Here in the city (Trondheim) only Salsa and bachata were danced. But since in Oslo Kizomba was already being heard, a dance organization invited Franklin Vargas to be the first Kizomba workshop in the city.

This was the first encounter with Kizomba in Trondheim. I fell in love with this dance when Franklin invited me to be his dance partner in the courses. It’s true. But Norwegian culture is very reserved especially when it comes to dances where you dance very close together.

I suppose that when they get up and start dancing, that mentality changes a bit, doesn’t it?

That’s right… when they sign up for courses. They already know a little in advance what’s going on. And it’s a little easier 🙂

I traveled a lot to go to salsa and Kizomba festivals, but my problem was that when I came back from the festivals. I didn’t have anyone to dance with.

There were no Kizomba courses here, so I decided to teach Kizomba to a person we grew up with as Kizomba dancers. And one person was two and four and a group, so there was no space in my room anymore. That’s when I decided to form a dance school where KIZOMBA and bachata are taught.

There’s been a lot of interest in this journey. We started with local courses, then we continued inviting instructors from other countries to organize weekends and everything has gone with firm steps.

Every time I travelled to festivals in Europe I asked the instructors if I wanted to come to Norway, and they always answered: but it is very cold there 🤣🤣🤣

That’s how NORTHERN LIGHTS DANCE was born 💃🏻

I wanted Norway to be seen by the rest of the world. Not because it’s cold, but because we have the Northern Lights that dance for us.

This is how I decided that my international event will be called NORTHERN LIGHTS DANCE SENSUAL FESTIVAL.

Do you see many auroras borealis in Trondheim?

You can see something. Especially between October and March

I have many friends who organise big Kizomba and bachata events in Europe and everyone wants to bet on Oslo, but I want Trondheim to be known. And it’s been like this

In the first edition of the festival last year there were 5 people (instructors and DJ) that I could not invite. X that the elected one was ready. And this year there are 9 who would have liked to come.

It is something impressive and very cozy to see the interest that this is having. It’s wonderful

I understand that it is the third largest city in Norway, although kizomba is also danced further north, the kizomba festival that takes place further north in Norway is NORTHERN LIGHTS DANCE.



They call this town “bart by.”

City of beards. Many Norwegians grow beards in the Viking style. It’s a beautiful and cozy city with a lot of nature that warms up to the rhythm of Latin and now African dances.

The KIZOMBA is a beautiful dance that has been very well received in the city. It is x that now there are people who contact me to see if we can organize something together. Not only here in the city, but in other Norwegian cities as well.

Even a great friend of mine. Recognized DJ from Italy. Antoni Tarraxa coupled a joik ( samer song ) to Kizomba rhythms. The melody is beautiful.

Paola Brown
Paola Brown

I know it is dancing in Tromsø, further north I know there are people who dance salsa and bachata, but I’m not sure if they also dance kizomba.

There’s some dancing, but I don’t think there’s much. More salsa.

Even a great friend of mine. Recognized DJ from Italy. Antoni Tarraxa coupled a joik ( samer song ) to Kizomba rhythms. The melody is beautiful.

Can you hear it anywhere? I love Sami culture. He made it exclusive to my school. I only played it here. 

As a foreigner is Norway, I know how important it is to continue taking one’s culture with you. That’s why I feel a little identified with Sami culture. The joik, the reindeer, the aurora borealis, my culture, dancing…

That’s why I want to highlight the nature of Norway, the diversity of cultures and dance.

Who could imagine that the Norwegians would dance an Angolan dance so well? It’s very nice to see how other cultures can be introduced through dance and music.

It will be because dance doesn’t understand cultures, flamenco, for example, also likes people from very different cultures.

That’s right. What I see is that being on the dance list is like giving wings so that people feel free to fly and go wherever they want. I personally feel that way.

It’s a way of expressing a lot of feelings without saying anything. It’s a way to expand art and moistest creativity.

I have an anecdote:

With a dance partner I had a couple of years ago. We danced every day. For many hours. It was very beautiful that we didn’t need to say how we wanted to make a turn. It just went out and we were both perplexed. Because it was as if we were reading our minds.

One day we were a little irritated with each other. When we realized it, it was because we had danced for 8 hours straight without realizing it. The irritation was because we were tired and hadn’t eaten for hours. That’s dancing… passion

What’s so special about kizomba for you? How is it different from other dances?

KIZOMBA was a challenge for me.

For me it is not like all dances. In my culture we danced before learning to walk. And I learned many dances very quickly: salsa, merengue, flamenco, Cuban salsa and more… but Kizomba was a challenge because of the technique.

They are all hidden signs that you can’t see that you have to send to your partner and that the other one has to interpret and follow.

When I teach, I say it’s like driving a car.

If you want to turn right you have to turn the steering wheel very carefully to the right. If you do it wrong, you may even crash into losing your driver’s license.

KIZOMBA is a very intimate dance that you must know how to dance.

This is just the beginning of what I know will be one of the most popular festivals in Scandinavia.

Of course, I am sure about it. Are the media in Trondheim very interested in the festival?

The local newspaper is.

What companies are also Smitad following the event. Right now we have 4 hotels that would like to have our event with them. The line of Scandic hotels have been grab support for us

What do you like most about Trondheim?

Nature, forests, lakes, tranquillity that this city gives you. And at the same time what it gives you

There are many concerts and festivals of all kinds, that’s where we come in.

Nowadays many styles are danced such as Urbankiz, Tarraxo, etc, where contact is not as important as in Kizomba, what do you think of these dance styles, which do you think is danced more in Norway?

I think that dance is an art that develops in different ways with time and place. Urbankizz is a style that fits a lot here, exactly because of what you say because there is not a very close contact. Remember that Norwegian culture is very reserved. They have what is called their private area 🙂

That’s why urban Kizz is a little more fun.

Anyway NLD tries to show the Kizomba and all its derivatives. Especially the fusion

That takes a little bit of everything

I’m going to ask you a strange question, have you ever taught a person with a disability?

Yes 🙂 A very nice and very emotional experience

As a foreigner and due to the many experiences this has given me, I am very aware that what I do is for everyone. No end of discrimination or complexes

This is why in the introduction to the NLD text it says: we just want to dance …

The person I taught had problems with coordination and concentration. I take private classes with me and I can understand something very elementary that has helped him to continue dancing Kizomba.

It’s been a pleasure talking to you. I wish you all the best.

Tusen takk, Eva, all the best for you

About Trondheim


Trondheim is Norway’s third largest city. For two centuries it was the capital of this Scandinavian country, and even today it has the honour of being the scene of some of the most outstanding events that take place there. Without going any further, it is the Viking enclave par excellence, as you can discover in several museums and corners of the city.

This town grows on the banks of the Nidelba River and the Trondheim Fjord, the third longest in the country.

Its attraction par excellence is the Nidaro Cathedral, the largest of the Nordic countries and the most northern medieval cathedral in the world.

Beyond this essential visit, lovers of good luck will find their fortune crossing the bridge that connects with the old town. The gateway to Lykkens, the Gateway to Happiness. The place where it is said that dreams come true. On the other side, colourful Scandinavian-style houses await us, as this is where they take on all their protagonism. In this sense, those that stand on the banks of the river Nidelba are especially striking, watching the cabal on its way to the mouth. An ideal place for photography lovers.

If you are planning a trip to Norway, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this beautiful city.

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