Pupilos Do Kuduro

Interview with Miguel Albino, Pupilos Do Kuduro

Hi my name is Miguel Albino from Pupilos Do Kuduro

I start my career very young, but before I start my career and before I talk about the style that I do, I need to do I love dance. No matter what I do, no matter what people do I love dance, I love music, I love feeling, I love all things we connect with music. I started, my parents they are from Angola, and very early in kid they introduce me to Zumba, Simba, African Kuduro and we grow with it. And since a kid I was felling in love for that style, just for fun, not thinking like one day I would be huge in this world, just for fun. And when I finished my high school, two years before I finished my high school, I started to dance in school in my school and just hip hop firstly. And then I thought, “I love this, I love this world, I’m growing, and already some persons want to learn with me. Why I don’t learn more to someday start to share my knowledge, share my thing, share my heart to other persons?”

Pupilos Do Kuduro

And fortunately one day one guy, big big fan of Osvoldo Aires from my crew, he invite me to, to go, to start to dance with him in Pupilos Do Kuduro, and for me it was one of my biggest goals, because this one, was already one crew very huge, and him, this guy have a lot knowledge, and he every day he teach me something. And I start to teach and to do some shows with him. In this moment I already was a lot places like, I’m from Portugal, Lisman, but I already was in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Greece, etcetera.

This all sharing my knowledge, and why I, I’m not doing other style, why I do Kuduro, Afrohouse, and Hip Hop. That is my true three styles, but I love Kuduro and Afrohouse because all dances need jingle, need groove, and even if I’m dancing Samba, I need jingle, I need one groove and this you can get with Afro dance.

If I’m dancing Hip Hop, I need groove I need jingle. So if we see all this what we do we need one bounce we need one jingle, and it’s one of the most beautiful things what we can get in Afro dances, in this case in Kuduro and Afrohouse, you can get one style, your own style, not the style of one teacher.

But with one teacher you can get your goals, and when I, when I found this in Afrohouse and Kuduro I was like, “Yes this is what I want in my life, this is what I want share to the people is this, what the people need to know.” Because some persons, they think just Kuduro and Afrohouse is just jump, and energy, and we don’t need to have a lot knowledge, and it’s wrong you know. You need to practice a lot, you need to create, you need to be very creative, and you need to know how to speak with the people.

Because the people don’t know a lot about this style, and if you go to one class, and the teacher don’t know it well, you will feel like that style is just jumps, just energy, don’t know nothing about knowledge, about technical and no. Actually, I think in December, I will put out one additional of Kuduro in my YouTube channel, and do you know 125 steps. It’s a lot of steps for people to learn, and I hope with that, with that material, all persons who don’t know about Kuduro can see that vision there, and learn something even if you are in Shina, if you are in other way, you know I have this what I can learn.

And I think all things what I can say, I need to be glad for God firstly, for my family my mom, my brothers, I need to be very glad and say thank you very much to Osvoldo Aires who took me and teach me a lot of things about how people work, not just the class, but how you need to contact and connect to the people. How to meet, and to be one artist, not just one professor you know. Because we need to know more, one dancer don’t do just dance, we need to talk with clients, we need to produce our videos, we need to do a lot things, and if you don’t have one method, if you are not focused and if you don’t train if you don’t practice your things you will be just one more. And I believe God put me something special in my heart, in my body, to share with the people, and that’s why I love share my dance with the people.