Interview with Richard Vargas and Nayle Reyes – Kizomba Teachers

Richard and Nayle Kizomba

Interview with Richard Vargas and Nayle Reyes – Kizomba Teachers

Richard Vargas and Nayle Reyes are dancers and Kizomba teachers.
They are the directors of Kizomba Conexión Afrolatina, a dance academy for teaching Afro-Latin rhythms, specializing in African dances.
KCA starts with the endorsement of Kizomba Planet, an informative portal to promote Kizomba and the activities of other people and academies. Richard and Nayle as an academy started the following year

Richard and Nayle Kizomba

Kizomba Conexión Afrolatina is a family project which seeks to maintain and teach the Afro-Latin dance styles, such as Kizomba, Tarraxha, Semba, Afrohouse, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango among other rhythms to project a classic, elegant, stylized and unique style, which makes KCA a unique and innovative style of Afro-Latin dances in Venezuela.

Richard and Nayle KizombaObjectives

  • Maintainance a staff of teachers who share the values and principles of the organization and are committed to the formation of their students through example and dedication to dance.
  • Encourage the training of its teachers through specialized workshops that allow the academy to promote its talent.
  • Continue to raise the standards of teaching by combining its essence with those new trends that arise in the world of the dance arts.
  • Promote physical maintenance through dance development in order to generate healthy and happy participants.
  • Create and develop strategic alliances that promote the culture of Afro-Latin rhythms.
  • Positioning KCA as a brand at a national and global level.


  • Respect: we seek individuals who accept the other in the coexistence.
  • Friendship: we look for similar beings to accompany us on our journey.
  • Joyce: we seek happiness through dance and art.
  • Entrepreneurship: we generate added value by projecting dance with quality.


Richard: Hello Agora Kizomba friends,  I am Richard Vargas and the beautyful girl who accompanies me is Nayle Reyes, we are from Kizomba Conexión Afrolatina in Venezuela, we already have here in Spain and we want to wish you a happy new year, happy holidays and be grateful that you follow our channel Agora Kizomba one of the best digital kizomba magazines that you can see.
Nayle: A kiss for everyone from here and we hope to see you at the next festival.

Why Kizomba?

Richard and Nayle KizombaNayle: Hello Agora Kizomba friends, I am Nayle Reyes and he is Richard Vargas, we dance kizomba, we have been instructors for about five or six years, we started our activities in Venezuela, and now we are here on the Costa del Sol, in Marbella, giving kizomba classes.
We love this rhythm because it is a connection dance, the music is wonderful and what else do you like?
Richard: The melody of the kizomba made me fall in love, ok? …Hey,

what attracts me and what I love about kizomba is the connection

, the empathy that you have in the dance with the person in front of you for about four or five minutes that the song lasts, that delivery, that you stop being two people to be one body moving is something magical, you have to try it!
Besides, kizomba has no gender, no physical condition, no age, so anyone can dance it, feel comfortable and enjoy it, right? If you haven’t tried it, we invite you to try it, enjoy it and fall in love with kizomba.
Nayle: And if you are a couple, that will bring you closer and you will be able to enjoy this wonderful genre that keeps growing.

Upcoming Projects

Nayle: We have a project that we started a couple of years ago, but we want to take it up again,

a kizomba clothing line, that shows how colorful and fun it is to dance kizomba

, with some traditional themes and that is also easy to use and makes us feel comfortable, and the girls of course prettier.

Kizomba Conexión Afrolatina