Social Dance in Luleå, Sweden

Social Dance Luleå

Social Dance in Luleå, Sweden

On Sweden’s icy north coast you can visit the city of Luleå, capital of Norrbotten County. The city lies on a peninsula in the Gulf of Bothnia and has one of the country’s most important ports, even in winter when the ice blocks the ice-breaking ships from continuing their activity. The area actually contains about 700 islands and is quite large. The city can be reached punctually by train from Stockholm.

Luleå already had an important harbour in the 13th century, so there are certain ancient sites worth visiting. Among them a World Heritage Site: the Church of Gammelstad.

Whether you decide to visit it in summer, with the midnight sun, or in winter, full of snowy landscapes, the hidden nature beyond the Arctic Circle, make it a TOP destination, and recommended for all those who seek to get lost in the worldly noise of cities and get in direct contact with nature.


Luleå enjoys a subarctic climate with short, cool and bright summers and long winters with plenty of snow. Despite the extremely northern latitude at which it lies, the climate is relatively mild compared to other places at similar latitudes, partly thanks to the Gulf Stream.

Social Dance Luleå

Ice Concert

In 2014 the Swedish band Ice Music surprised the audience by giving a concert in an igloo in Luleå, Sweden, playing ice instruments. The band’s founding musician Tim Linhart hand-built some sophisticated instruments made of ice, of course mixing strings and wood so that they could be played and sounded very good…

The European Silicon Valley

From 2011 Luleå is officially designated as the home of the first dedicated data center for the social network Facebook. Since then, other large technology companies, especially leaders in supporting and supporting data centers, have already established themselves in the location, which has now become a major industrial center for green technology and attracts investors from all over the world.


Luleå has a variety of cultural institutions, including Norrbottensteatern, Norrbotten’s museum, and the Norrbotten big band led by Tim Hagans. In January 2007 the House of Culture (Kulturens Hus) opened its doors, and it now hosts a library, concerts and various exhibitions.


Not only has the number of shops and shopping centres grown in recent years, but the city is home to the world’s first indoor shopping centre, Shopping, which is still open today. In addition to this, you can find others such as Strand, Smedjan, Folksamhuset and Sweden’s first shopping mall for young people, Storgatan 61. Luleå’s two main shopping streets are also in the centre: Storgatan and Kungsgatan.

A new large shopping area – Storheden – opened in 2006 on the outskirts of the city.

Experiences in Lapland

Ice Hotel: Spend a night in an ice hotel.
The Ice Hotel about 15 minutes from Kiruna is worth a visit. An authentic work of sculptural art that uses ice as its raw material.

See Northern Lights

Social Dance LuleåSwedish Lapland is one of the places in the world where you can see the Northern Lights phenomenon.

When the sun disappears in the months from October to March, the green lady of the Arctic nights comes out to dazzle you in a spectacle of colourful lights.

Igloo type hotel constructions have become fashionable, allowing you to enjoy the Aurora from the comfort of a small bed with a transparent roof, so you don’t miss anything.

Hiking in Abisko

Abisko National Park is the paradise of Swedish hiking, snow and adventure sports.

You can go on organised hikes of several days, camping, climbing mountains, walking or taking a cable car, or you can tour the park which has lakes and waterfalls, along with ski slopes for any snow activity you can think of. Almost all the accommodations offer outings and tours.

Icelandic horse riding in Nikkaluokta

We propose you this different activity, a ride on Icelandic horses, which we do from Nikkaluokta, a small village about 40 minutes from Kiruna, where civilization seems to end and there are only green landscapes in summer.

Kebnekaise, is the highest peak in Sweden and less known than Abisko, there is a Visitor Center, with many mountain and hiking trails, and has several very cozy hostels, from which you can hire excursions and trips.

Island hopping in the Lulea Archipelago

In summer from Lulea, there is a ferry system where you can move from island to island, with a bicycle and even your own car, and discover the richness of an Archipelago that is a haven of tranquility.

Midnight Sun

From the beginning of June to approximately July 10, you can experience the midnight sun. Daylight nights allow you to extend your excursions, and enjoy another incredible solar phenomenon in the world.

TIP: Take a mask in case the curtains of your cottage are not opaque.

Sleep in a cabin by the lake.

This is a must if you plan a trip to Northern Europe, or any lake region.

Fishing or Kayaking in the lake region.

In Swedish Lapland, between Gallivare and Arvidsjaur , there are thousands of lakes, so the hard part will be choosing which one to do one of these totally unconnected activities in.

Fishing requires a licence, which in the case of guided tours is provided directly by them.

Social Dance Luleå

Disconnect in a Wooden Sauna next to a Lake

This is a complement to any Swedish wooden house by a lake that is worthwhile.

Visit a Sami village.

In almost every town in Lapland there is a Sami village or museum and recreation nearby.

It is a culture that has existed since time immemorial and covers the northern territories of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. It is known as the Sapmi region

Sleeping in a Tree: The Tree Hotel

Another charming accommodation is the Tree Hotel.

Who hasn’t dreamed of sleeping in the middle of the forest, up in the branches?

It is in Harold, on the road from Arvidsjaur to Skellftea.

This designer hotel complex, not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo at high altitudes, but for lovers of special experiences, has all the comforts of the 21st century.

Visit a village Church

Social Dance LuleåLuther’s Protestant Reformation in the 16th century imposed an obligation on communities to go to church regularly.

In the North, due to the difficulty of moving around due to the low temperatures and lack of infrastructure, after an agreement between the Priests and the Government, these villages were created to accommodate all those who came to the Church from the most distant locations so that everyone could comply with the obligation to go to Mass.

These Villages have survived, as a group of wooden houses built around a Church, and have been declared Architectural Ensembles of Interest. They are still centers of meetings or concerts, without necessarily being linked to the religious question

Gammelstad, near Luleå It is an essential place to visit and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

You can even stay in one of their houses, as it is not only a museum in time, but the church is still operational and there are people who live in the wooden houses.

Social Dance in Luleå

We couldn’t forget about the Latin dances. In Luleå you can also dance Salsa, Bachata, or even Kizomba


Salsa Café at Ebeneser

They have all their social dance event posted on facebook. Currently they only give social dances every second weekend. They play mostly salsa and bachata, but also kizomba if requested

Kulturcentrum Ebeneser Luleå

Skomakargatan 23, 972 31 Luleå, Sweden – Tel: +46 920 40 83 00