Interview with Thomas Raft – Kizomba at First Sight

Thomas Raft, born in 1963 in the Würzburg Germany. Thomas biological mother was from Germany and his biological father was an American mulatto pilot.

Thomas was adopted to Denmark in November 1963 with his twin brother. After finishing the state school, he was educated as a Carpenter.

From 1983 – 1992 he took ballet classes at Henry Turner International Dance Center of Scandinavia. In 1982 he performs in Alvin Ailey American Ballet at Denmarks Radio DR1TV.

From 1988 – 1991 he went to Pineapple Dance Studios, a Modern Ballet School in London.

In 1991 he started his acting career. As an actor, Thomas Raft starred in The Emmy Award-winning TV-series, “Unit One” (2000). “Taxa” (1999) – Winner of the Certificate of Merit, TV Drama 60 Minutes or Less, San Francisco International Film Festival 2000. “Tulipan Nights” (1999) – FIPA 2001 competitive selection and winner of the Silver prize in The International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2000. “Necklace” (1999) 16mm film (Nominated for a film Arte Avard Slovakia)

Could you tell us about yourself?

I am 55 years old, I was originally trained as a carpenter, I have been an actor since 1991. In 1999, I started writing movie scripts, which has since resulted in the story of The Family which is about myself.

I am adopted from Germany the old West Germany in 1963, my mother is German and my father is an American black man, with Native American roots which I have been told. I never met my father. I’ve talked to my mother’s phone and my German half-sister Angelica. Besides Angelica, I also have Dictma and Monica from my mother side.

I have 4 children, 1 boy and 3 girls on 19 to September, 20, 26, and 33 years. I am married in the tenth years, with my 3rd wife. I have previously danced classical ballet, and Modern Dance, mixed with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Danish TV. I am still with my wife, we have been together now for 10 years.

How did the passion for dance begin?

The dance came from the fact that at a very early age I wanted to challenge my physical abilities. What I discovered at the time of the dance arose a knowledge of one’s body that I was not prepared for. My knowledge of my body then made me stronger and gave me the confidence I needed as a 21-year-old. A little story I can add, I dance at one point a little place where there was only a shower for boys and girls, so we bathed together. In this way,

I learned with the dance that it was ok to cross some boundaries without being afraid

. And then the dance is one of the best ways to express yourself, no words only movements

You are an actor, a dancer, and a writer, what do each one of these aspects bring you?

All parts bring me pleasure and bring me into a universe where I have the opportunity to let go of everyday life and let the imagination run freely. I enjoy when I can go into the various universes where the magical moments that I enjoy every second and minute arise. Despite their differences, they have the common sense that they make me happy.

What do you do in your spare time?

When I am not doing acting or writing I have 2 small company. One is a film production company, the other one is a variety er company. My education is a carpenter. I am an autodidactic actor writer and producer. I producer international feature films with other producers in Europe and around the world. And of course sen my lovely kids

Kizomba at first sight - Thomas RaftWhat are your long-term career goals

To make a few feature films a year, and have time to write a story every two years.

What gives you inspiration?

For movies, it was more to see how to make the movies, behind the camera, than actually watching movies, there is some kind of magic about going behind the camera. The play made it, to go behind a character, and examine who this person and what he contains. Generally living in the fictional world, and perhaps a little everyday life

What did winning the Certificate of Merit at the San Francisco International Film Festival in 2000 mean to you?

Being exposed is a very important part of being an actor, so taking part in a TV that wins awards in different parts of the world is of great importance.

No doubt that more roles will come according to how large the exposure is.

Let’s talk about your work as an actor is there any type of scene that is harder for you to perform or have you never had this problem.

No I have no trouble making all kinds of scenes as long as I feel it makes sense and it brings something to the next scene, and that also applies to nude scenes and sex scenes.

What kind of characters do you like?

Roles where far away is the person I am and where I have to take some chances. When I am out there in the uncertain, some kind of survival arises to do. “You must not be afraid to stupid” with it, there is also authenticity that would otherwise not come. Although roles that lie as far from me as possible, there will always be the opportunity to find a few similarities that are always nice to be a little at home.

I like most drama, action, and thriller.

How can people find you and follow you online?

They can find me on IMDB PRO. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn where they can see my pictures and showreel om IMDB PRO.

AgoraKizomba magazine is about Afro-Latin rhythms, have you ever seen kizomba dance? what do you think about this kind of music and dance?

I’ve never seen Kizomba dance before. Very nice I am very impressed with there ability and energy.

Finally, I’m sending you some links to Afro-Latin music and dance videos, can you tell us about your impressions?

This first video is indeed Africa’s answer to the Argentine tango. Very sensual and beautifully done. If you know of others who have to make a video with this dance, finally look to me, a very interested no matter where in the world it is.

These dancers in the other video are very skilled and they have really good timing.

Nice to see that dance can also be performed in this way

. Two lovely videos. The music is very Latin disco inspired, as from the films Fast & Furious. Nice to see that other places in the world master this dance.