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Two infallible tricks to enlarge squeezing shoes

With these tips, you can enlarge all kinds of shoes, slippers, ballerinas or children’s footwear.

You buy a pair of beautiful shoes that looked comfortable when you tried them on, but after having them on for several hours they start to squeeze your feet so tightly that you get blisters.

If that’s your case, don’t worry. We have compiled two little tricks that will help you “enlarge” shoes of any kind, from slippers, party shoes, balerinas, moccasins or whatever you have.

First trick:

To put it into practice, you’ll need the following:

  • Thick plastic bags without holes, if possible with hermetic closing.
  • A pitcher of water
  • Freezer

Fill the plastic bags with water. Close them tightly and check that they do not have any breakage. If you want to enlarge toes or children’s shoes, use smaller bags.

Place each bag inside the shoes and arrange them so that they occupy all the footwear inside. If necessary, place two bags. Be very careful that they don’t burst.

Then take the shoes to the freezer one night or long enough for the water to turn to ice.

Then, remove the shoes from the freezer, wait for the ice to melt, and remove the bags. And that’s it, now you’ll have looser, looser shoes.

Why do they get bigger with this method?

When water freezes from liquid to solid, it dilates. That way, as it increases in size, it stretches the shoe, as if you had placed it on the last, which is the method used by shoemakers.

Second trick:

All you need to do is put on some thick socks, put on the shoe as you can and heat it on the outside with the dryer until it stops squeezing.