kizomba dance tips

What do girls like (and dislike) when we dance kizomba?

Dance Dance Tips

Kizomba Pop Up CopenhagenThere are men who, in order to tell us the movements, “squeeze” us with their arms, that is a mistake, there is nothing we like less than feeling imprisoned, the embrace must be tender, soft, but at the same time safe and stable. It’s like feeling protected, cared for and free, all together. The indications should not be abrupt, guys, think that if kizomba is “walking together”, just that the hug is stable, the woman will follow you. All it takes is your weight change and a “stable frame with your arms” for the girl to go where you’re going. Already if you get into complicated passages you may need a little more arm handling, but usually, the indications are with the torso.

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