What is a taxi dancer

Who are the Taxi-Dancers?

What is this of “Taxi Dancers”, very simple, we explain it to you in a jiffy; you have an event… for every man, there are three women, they don’t dance and they get frustrated, until there the usual thing in the dancefloors…

Well, a team of taxi dancers, covers this deficiency of boys, that if with dancers of first level, generating a direct sensation in the level of dance of the event, and that they took out to every woman that this stop doing that the girls are enchanted of having gone to that event and they will value positively the event, assuring that they repeat year after year.


Dance level, personality, height, and age are the most requested requirements. Patience, knowing how to teach, education, warmth, and discretion to make the whole experience pleasant.

The offer is very varied. Not only is it offered to accompany the interested person, offering the possibility of dancing with an expert in the matter, but in some places also there are packages that include previous classes to avoid the stumbles in the track. These classes are given by friendly dancers who even speak several languages. This is how they are described by the agencies that recruit taxi-dancers, guaranteeing a personalized, exclusive and safe service.

Why do I need a taxi dancer?

Venturing to dance without a dance partner is exciting, but it can also be disappointing when we are not invited to dance every night or not as often as we would like. Let’s be honest; this is something that can happen to both the beginner and the most advanced kizomba dancer anywhere in the world! A dancer taxi will make you feel immediately at ease, allowing you to enjoy every moment of the Kizomba or Semba, as your experience deepens and your confidence and skill grow: you will soon see the results when you receive invitations from dance floor observers.